Astronomers detect “mystery molecule” in exoplanet’s atmosphere
Thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope, we now know more about the atmosphere of WASP-39b, a distant gas giant, than any other exoplanet.
NASA invests $57 million in a 3D laser printer to build moon bases
NASA has invested $57.2 into construction company ICON’s 3D printer for building on the moon, Mars, and beyond.
What the new Earth-threatening asteroid means for humanity
In a remarkable achievement, three new large asteroids have been found in the most elusive place: inside the orbit of Earth.
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Space ads could earn $2 million a day, say Russian researchers 
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Astronomers unveil world’s largest digital camera
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First-of-its-kind rocket engine nears first flight test
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SpaceX wants to save Hubble. NASA may be on board. 
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Webb, Hubble capture spacecraft slamming into asteroid
A neural network discovered Copernicus’ heliocentricity on its own
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Watch NASA’s DART spacecraft slam into an asteroid