T-Minus Weekly: The end of O2 on Mars and the week’s other big space stories
Freethink’s weekly countdown of the biggest developments in space, featuring the launch of XRISM, the end of MOXIE, and more.
NASA finishes the first experiment to make oxygen on Mars
NASA has officially wrapped up the Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment (MOXIE), which was the first tech to generate oxygen on Mars.
Algorithm finds a potentially hazardous asteroid missed by NASA
NASA gives Blue Origin $35 million to turn moon dust into solar cells
NASA may have accidentally killed the only life we ever found on Mars 50 years ago
Theory proposes remnants of a destroyed planet lurk near Earth’s core
A fusion rocket designed to travel 500,000 mph is under construction
World’s oldest trees reveal the largest solar storm in history
Astronomers use dead stars to measure gravitational waves produced by ancient black holes
How Mars lost its magnetic field — and then its oceans
NASA now recycles 98% of astronauts’ urine and sweat
NASA’s ChatGPT-like AI will let spaceships talk to astronauts