T-Minus Weekly: Victus Nox, a record-breaking ISS mission, and more
Freethink’s weekly countdown of the biggest developments in space, featuring the launch of Victus Nox, a record-breaking mission, and more.
Astronomers spot the first “bounce” in our Universe
Imprinted in the structure of the universe are “bouncing” signals from early on: where gravitating normal matter was pushed out by radiation.
Evidence suggests the world’s largest known asteroid impact structure is buried deep in southeast Australia
After years of asteroid impact research, experts think the world’s largest known impact structure is buried deep in the earth in Australia.
How Mars lost its magnetic field — and then its oceans
NASA now recycles 98% of astronauts’ urine and sweat
NASA’s ChatGPT-like AI will let spaceships talk to astronauts
Space elevators are inching closer to reality
Virgin Galactic sets dates for first commercial space flights
NASA shares colorful “postcard” of Mars’ surface
SpaceX successfully launches world’s first “space factory”
Students build reusable rocket, win $5,000 from NASA
Visiting space likely won’t cause permanent brain damage, says NASA study
How the world’s most sensitive yardstick reveals secrets of the universe