T-Minus: An extended asteroid mission, a high-stress moon landing, and more
Freethink’s weekly countdown of the biggest space news, featuring SLIM’s reawakening, a historic moon landing, and more.
Fusion startup plans to shoot space junk with lasers
Japanese startup EX-Fusion plans to test whether lasers it is developing for nuclear fusion can remove space junk from orbit.
US startup makes history with stressful, landmark moon landing
Intuitive Machines just made history with the first private moon landing — and the mission was a nailbiter.
T-Minus Weekly: A first for Europe, Musk’s Starship update, and more
Chandrayaan-3’s measurements of sulfur open the doors for lunar science and exploration
NASA’s asteroid sample contains an abundance of carbon and water
T-Minus Weekly: An astronaut’s return, a Martian dust devil, and more
“Forbidden planet” is orbiting a star that should have destroyed it
Webb telescope spots strange objects in the Orion Nebula
T-Minus Weekly: NASA’s first asteroid sample, Stoke’s big hop, and more
Why astronomers are excited about carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere of an alien world
NASA has retrieved its first asteroid sample
Spending time in space can harm the human body − but scientists are working to mitigate these risks before we go to Mars