T-Minus: An extended asteroid mission, a high-stress moon landing, and more
Freethink’s weekly countdown of the biggest space news, featuring SLIM’s reawakening, a historic moon landing, and more.
Fusion startup plans to shoot space junk with lasers
Japanese startup EX-Fusion plans to test whether lasers it is developing for nuclear fusion can remove space junk from orbit.
US startup makes history with stressful, landmark moon landing
Intuitive Machines just made history with the first private moon landing — and the mission was a nailbiter.
Astronomers spot the first “bounce” in our Universe
Evidence suggests the world’s largest known asteroid impact structure is buried deep in southeast Australia
T-Minus Weekly: Victus Nox, a record-breaking ISS mission, and more
T-Minus Weekly: The end of O2 on Mars and the week’s other big space stories
NASA finishes the first experiment to make oxygen on Mars
SpinLaunch will hurl payloads into orbit, cutting the cost of launch by 20x
NASA is spending $850,000 to make a bag for space trash
“Ghostly” neutrinos help us see our Milky Way as never before
NASA’s next-gen X-ray observatory is ready for launch (Updated)