Series | Coded
Combating conspiracy in the disinformation age
What can we do about troll farms, deepfakes, and phoney headlines in the disinformation age?
Capitol Hill Riot Videos
Interactive map puts Capitol Hill riot videos into context
The developer Patr10tic has used metadata from Parler to create an interactive map linking each of the Capitol Hill riot videos to its exact location.
election security
Keeping democracy safe in the 2020 election
Here’s how election officials and volunteers across the country are working around the clock to ensure a free, fair, and safe Election Day.
cyber attacks
White hat hackers are defending hospitals from rising cyber attacks
Criminals are exploiting COVID-19 to launch cyber attacks. These volunteers have grouped together to fight back.
coronavirus transmission
Disease detectives: tracking invisible killers
Disease detectives on the frontlines of coronavirus track the person-to-person spread.
helping homeless people
The mission to reunite homeless with their families
Volunteer digital detectives are helping homeless people reunite with their families.
The badass army fighting revenge porn
They’re tracking down people who post revenge porn - and getting justice.
Meet the digital bodyguard for investigative journalists
Smári McCarthy discusses his job protecting the work of journalists investigating organized crime and corruption