The future of clothing could save your life
Smart textiles may not be gaining ground with fitness gurus, but they are helping patients manage chronic conditions and preventatively monitor their health from home.
digital goods
Nike is betting you’ll want to wear Air Jordans in the metaverse
Nike is laying the groundwork to begin selling digital goods in the metaverse, joining what could soon be a multibillion dollar economy.
digital fashion
Virtual Gucci and the future of digital fashion
Game platforms like Roblox point to the future of digital fashion and personal expression.
hands-free sneaker
Nike unveils its first hands-free sneaker: The GO FlyEase
The GO FlyEase is Nike’s first completely hands-free sneaker — and the design was inspired by a letter from a teenage boy with cerebral palsy.
Designer Face Masks
New mask design from Beats by Dre designer
The designer of the original Beats by Dre headphones is working on a next-generation face mask that combines fashion and functionality.
Sustainable Shoes
Adidas’ sustainable shoes are string art made by a robot
The Adidas Futurecraft team has unveiled a pair of sustainable shoes made by a robot that weaves individual threads like it's creating string art.
digital ids for clothing
Digital IDs add transparency to fashion
With RFID tags, clothing’s new “digital identity” could be the key to circularity in fashion.
walmart resale store
With US clothing sales in a freefall, Walmart sells secondhand
Consumers can now purchase secondhand clothing from a new resale store in the largest retailer - Walmart.
anti-facial recognition
The anti-facial recognition fashion statement
These designers are trying to outsmart surveillance systems with anti-facial recognition makeup, glasses, and clothing. Can they help us go incognito?