Face masks made from… LEGO?

The popular toy company that’s mass-producing PPE, how to fight the coronavirus from your computer, and more top stories.
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Each week, Freethink’s Progress Report will explore what the solutions of today will mean for your tomorrow. Here’s what we’re focusing on now:

  • LEGO is using their molding machines to produce over 13,000 face visors per day for the Danish Health Authorities, as well as donating free LEGO sets to children in need.

  • Researchers at Rutgers University have developed an FDA-approved, self-collection saliva test for COVID-19 that’s less risky for healthcare workers and can be scaled for mass use immediately.

  • A new computing project allows anyone to participate in the fight against coronavirus from home by donating their devices’ spare processing power. Freethink is doing it, and we’d love your help. Join us by downloading Folding@home and searching for our team.

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