Hard Tech

Cyborg fish grow electrodes in their brains and fins
A gel that turns into an electrode once inside the body might end the need for invasive implantation surgeries.
Technology over the long run: See how dramatically the world can change within a lifetime
Bringing to mind how dramatically the world has changed can help us see how different the world could be in a few years or decades.
German scientists 3D print objects with “acoustic holograms”
By using shaped ultrasound, researchers in Germany have developed a way to 3D print objects in one shot.
Watch a Neuralink robot insert electrodes into a dummy brain
“SkinKit” lets ordinary people build their own “smart tattoos”
Russia tries to impose switch to Linux from Windows
Inside Dubai's startup scene
In partnership with Dubai Future Foundation
Startup builds “inflatable” concrete houses in just hours 
Building a Mach-5 engine for hypersonic passenger flight
Elon Musk demos humanoid robot, which will cost less than $20K
The key to cheaper lab-grown meat? Magnets. 
Watch a robot barista create latte art 
Bruce Willis sells his likeness for a deepfake ad