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Brain implant for “artificial vision” is still working after 2 years
A new type of brain implant technology has given a man with total blindness a kind of “artificial vision.”
“Cybersecurity shortage” could reach 85 million workers by 2030
The global talent shortage could reach 85 million workers by 2030, causing approximately $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenue.
3D-printed “metamaterial” is stronger than anything in nature
Australian scientists used an advanced 3D printing technique to create a super strong, super lightweight new “metamaterial.”
New brain implant for depression tested in people for the first time
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This device is 1,000 times more efficient than your computer
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Adding spider DNA to silkworms creates silk stronger than Kevlar
Watch how video games are approaching perfect photorealism
Device offers long-distance, low-power underwater communication
The US military just got its hands on a mini laser weapon
New battery charged by tears will power smart contact lenses
Arrays of quantum rods could enhance TVs or virtual reality devices
Paralyzed woman able to speak again, thanks to brain-avatar interface
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