Hard Tech

Mercedes-Benz wins race to bring Level 3 autonomous cars to US
Mercedes-Benz has permission to deploy its Level 3 autonomous driving system, DRIVE PILOT, in Nevada, and California could soon follow.
This 3D-printed home is made entirely of bio-based materials
Maine researchers are testing a new approach to 3D printing homes, swapping out the standard concrete “ink” for a material made of wood waste.
Scientists use laser beam to divert lightning strikes
Since the time of Benjamin Franklin, we’ve looked for ways to control, or at least deflect, lightning strikes. Enter laser-guided lightning.
Elevator technology is going up
far-uvc light
Seven science and tech breakthroughs you may have missed this year
gene drive
New CRISPR tech makes it possible to wipe out invasive mice
neuralink robot
Watch a Neuralink robot insert electrodes into a dummy brain
smart tattoos
“SkinKit” lets ordinary people build their own “smart tattoos”
russia linux
Russia tries to impose switch to Linux from Windows
concrete house
Startup builds “inflatable” concrete houses in just hours 
Building a Mach-5 engine for hypersonic passenger flight17:00
tesla robot
Elon Musk demos humanoid robot, which will cost less than $20K