Some of the people whose work is exploring the frontiers of our changing world.

Shubham Agarwal is a freelance technology journalist from Ahmedabad, India.
William Lockett William Lockett is a freelance writer based in the UK, covering stories involving technology, electric vehicles, renewable energy, AI, and more.
Sam is a communicator of all things physics, from black holes to nature-inspired technology. He is also a regular contributor for online magazines including Physics World, Scientia, and Research Outreach.
Chris Moody
Chris Moody is a writer based in Chattanooga, Tennesse.
Hope Reese
Hope Reese is a freelance journalist based in Budapest.
Teresa Carey is a former senior staff writer at Freethink.
Kristin Houser
Kristin Houser is a staff writer at Freethink covering science, tech, and space.
Jesse Damiani
Jesse Damiani is a former senior writer at Freethink covering emerging technologies.
B. David Zarley
B. David Zarley is a senior staff writer at Freethink covering health and medicine.
Amanda Winkler is a former managing editor at Freethink.
Daniel Bier
Daniel Bier is senior editor at Freethink.