Running a startup is hard. Disrupting an entire industry is almost impossible. Crippling anxiety, sleepless nights, and almost certain failure…is it all worth it for a shot at changing the world?

This is a show about the founders that believe the hardest things are worth doing. That thinking differently is a way of life. And that pushing forward is always the answer. Roll up your sleeves and let’s find out what’s really driving today’s entrepreneurs to shape our future. These are the CHALLENGERS

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The first wave of urban robots is here
The robot takeover is here — and it’s kinda cute.
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Electric engine, nearly silent, and ready for passengers by 2025. But are we ready?
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This “intelligent sharpshooter” farming robot distinguishes crops from weeds — and it could help feed 10 billion people.
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Hermeus is building the world's fastest commercial aircraft. And we got to tour their hypersonic flight lab.
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Rather than replacing all semi-trucks on the road, this clip-on device filters 80% of each trucks’ CO2.
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This scooter is taking cities back from cars. The crazy part? You unlock it with an NFT.
electric vehicle
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Coral reefs sustain life for 1 billion people around the world, but 90% will be extinct by 2050 if we don’t find a solution now.
saving coral reefs