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Change is hard – people have been trying and failing to reform society for generations. But what if we had to? This is a show about rebuilding the world from scratch and reimagining everything from first principles. How should we design cities? What about schools? Power grids? Prisons? Money? Or the Internet? If we were starting over, what would we do differently? Because in the aftermath of 2020, we are. This is Hard Reset.

Hard Reset Podcast: Chicken | Episode #4
This lab-grown chicken is made without any slaughter. But would you eat it? In an age of skepticism about GMOs, the Hard Reset hosts discuss.
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The US has some of the best solar and wind energy in the world. Now there’s a cheap, zero-emissions way to store it.
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This slime is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and fights fires with 10x the strength of water. Here’s how it’s revolutionizing firefighting.
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How much of our recycling actually gets recycled? Robots could help boost the percentage of recycled trash with near-perfect accuracy.
Collage of various crushed recyclables including plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and crumpled paper against a dark background.
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Wildfire season length, frequency, and burn area have increased in the past few decades. To combat this, scientists are combining supercomputer technology with indigenous prescribed burn practices.
An old black and white photo of a man with a red smoke grenade.
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Scientists invented an oil spill “magic eraser.” We want to know: does it work? Is it scalable? And what’s its environmental impact?
A small piece of black foam with a pink circle around it.
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Instead of your static map or tilted, spinny globe – this technology would unlock a daily, real-time image of the entire world.
Nasa's new spacecraft - nasa's nasa nasa .