Say you turn a wild business idea into a business. How much profit would you need to pay your basic living expenses, like rent and ramen? This is a show on the economics of entrepreneurship and founders turning their dreams into reality.

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‘Liquid Death’ canned water — a thrilling alternative to plastic
Liquid Death is shifting consumer mindsets toward canned water through radically imaginative marketing that is frightening to some, but entertaining to most.
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This clean energy startup hit their fundraising goal in 1 hour. Here’s how crowdfunding brought Shine to life.
Personal wind turbine
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He spent his life savings to launch a tech company rivaling Apple. Although 200 investors told him to give up, here’s why he didn’t.
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Radha Agrawal started throwing pre-work dance parties — and now her business is in 30 cities worldwide.
scaling a startup
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This deaf chef was a “liability.” So she started her own groundbreaking restaurant.
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Printing toys, burning cash, and selling out on SharkTank - this is the perilous story of Toyox Labs, building 3D printers for kids.
affordable 3d printer
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“Everybody says that 9 out of 10 startups fail. So my mind translates that to as, ‘I just have to start 10 companies.’”
future of agriculture