How college in prison is leading professors to rethink how they teach
College in prison reduces the chance of reoffending, but it also dramatically changes the perspective of the professors who teach them.
Norway helped remake a US prison. Here’s what happened.
With single cells, a communal kitchen, Nordic-like furnishings and a landscaped, outdoor green space, it looks unlike any other U.S. prison.
The missing apex of Maslow’s hierarchy could save us all
In his later years, psychologist Abraham Maslow added a new apex to the pyramid of human needs: self-transcendence.
anonymous russia
Anonymous hacks Russian TV, plays Ukraine war footage 
airbnbs in Ukraine
People are booking Airbnbs in Ukraine they’re never going to use 
DAO Ukraine
DAO raises millions of dollars in crypto to support Ukraine 
Guy Fawkes mask is the symbol of the Anonymous Hackers collective
The hacker group Anonymous has waged a cyber war against Russia 
DIY heater
Open-source DIY heater helps unsheltered stay warm in winter
food insecure seniors
Autonomous Ford delivers produce, milk to food insecure seniors 
AAPI Justice
The nation’s most diverse unite for change6:32
rough sleepers
UK trials “NAPpads” to help rough sleepers survive the winter
alternatives to 911
This app offers alternatives to 911 in all 50 states
Prison Communication
The startup taking down corrupt prison communications to keep families connected6:49