Creativity & A.I.

A tool, a rival, or a collaborator?

Since the invention of early automation machines, humans have grappled with the challenge of how to work alongside machines and how to think about the displacement of speciality that often follows their invention. While we have come to expect increasing automation for a whole range of tasks, its explosion over the past year into more creative fields has forced us to face the question at the heart of these debates — what about us?

If artificial intelligence can not just replicate mundane tasks, but creative ones too, what is left that’s uniquely human? It raises the question whether AI is a rival, a new paintbrush, or even some sort of co-pilot or collaborator?

In this special issue, we will talk to the technologists on the forefront of building these new tools, the artists embracing these new modes of collaboration, and other experts who will help us understand what is coming and how the world will change as a result.

Artwork by Johana Kroft
GitHub CEO says Copilot will write 80% of code “sooner than later”
GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke goes in depth to answer questions about how AI-powered development will change the future of innovation itself.
Marc Andreessen: The single greatest risk of NOT pursuing AI 
AI has many caught between near utopia and horrifying dystopia. Marc Andreessen sees a better future for all, if we build AI in warp speed.
To fear AI is to fear Newton and Einstein. There are no “dragons” here. 
Who’s afraid of utopia? AI doubters have cold feet. History can warm them.
4 dangers of artificial intelligence—and why they won’t end the world
AI doomsday fears are vague. This framework for the future of AI offers concrete solutions.
A view from the creative frontlines
What can we learn from creatives who have already begun experimenting about with this new wave of generative AI tools about what is to come?
What AI can teach us about copyright and fair use
A copyright lawyer and fair use expert weighs in on the legal implications of these new AI technologies.
Idea amplification is the really exciting potential of generative AI
Former OpenAi researcher Kenneth Stanley explores the potential for AI to help us unlock new creativity by turning former dead ends into viable paths forward.
Why artists shouldn’t fear AI
Advancements in generative art have many human artists on edge. But should they be worried?
How AI is changing music forever
Musicians and technologists Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst discuss the AI music revolution and the critical importance of artist consent in building this new future
How to stop runaway AI
Professor Stuart J. Russell warns that AI could pose an existential threat to humanity unless we can ensure that these systems remain aligned with human values and goals.
These “AI Artists” don’t want to ape existing art — they want to create something new entirely
We sat down with two prominent AI artists to talk about their projects and their quest to create new genres.
Is the disruption caused by AI art actually new, or does it just feel new?
From paint in tubes to typewriters to photography to digital art, the history of creativity is a history of disruptive technologies.
The “Creative Singularity” came and went. Now what should we do? 
The emergence of generative AI signals an important inflection point for artists.