Why Germany is a blank spot on Google’s Street View
Germany and Austria are a conspicuous gap in the mess of Google Maps' Street View locations that covers the rest of Europe.
North Korean citizens are jailbreaking smartphones to bypass censorship 
In the face of severe punishments, North Korean hackers are finding clever ways to access forbidden content.
WeChat users try to keep Shanghai lockdown protest video ahead of censors 
WeChat users have turned to all manner of tricks in a cat-and-mouse game with CCP censors to keep a video about the Shanghai lockdown online.
Behind the crypto hype is an ideology of social change
Unlike technology enthusiasts or crypto marketers, “true bitcoiners” didn’t talk about technology, but trust and corruption.
The future of classified intelligence may be sharing it
Faced with an enemy adept at information warfare, the US and allies are turning to a new, unusual way to use classified intelligence.
Airbnb offering free temporary housing to refugees of Russo-Ukrainian war
Airbnb has announced that it will help temporarily house up to 100,000 refugees of the Russo-Ukrainian war.
Open source intelligence exposes war as never before
In a new era of open source intelligence, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine can be studied by anyone with the desire to find, and analyze, data available to all.
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The strange story of Venezuela’s failed cryptocurrency
The world’s first state-backed cryptocurrency was a revolutionary idea that could’ve saved Venezuela’s economy. Here’s what went wrong.
Bird and Lyft are offering free rides to the polls in 2020
The micromobility industry launched a national campaign to offer free rides to the polls on Election Day.
Barbershops unite to empower voters
One campaign is hoping to increase voter turnout by empowering barbershops as community voter engagement hubs.
How hackers could take down the election… or save it
In an attempt to prepare government officials to manage threats on Election Day, one cybersecurity company has created an immersive simulation exercise called Operation Blackout.
Voting online is here. but is it ready?
Voting online is a debate that pits accessibility against security. For some, it is the only way to participate in elections. But at what cost?
You can now track your mail-in ballot like an Amazon package
At least 46 states now offer free ballot tracking, letting voters follow their mail-in ballots from the printer to the election office.