Robots & AI

In Japan, humanoid robots could soon become part of the family
More than any other nation, Japan tends to feel comfortable with the idea of humanoid robots entering the home.
First-of-its-kind exoskeleton for stroke rehab cleared by FDA
The FDA has cleared Wandercraft’s self-balancing, hands-free Atalante exoskeleton for use during stroke rehab.
AI for better crops
AI technology could transform how growers protect their harvests, by detecting plant diseases very early on.
Generative AI: The technology of the year for 2022
neeva search engine
Ad-free search engine to launch ChatGPT-like AI feature
protein folding AI
“DALL-E 2 of biology” designs proteins for new drugs
sewer inspection robot
These “Kanga and Joey” bots will dive into the sewers, so we don’t have to
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Five creative ways people are using ChatGPT
1784 naver labs
“Korean Google” opens the world’s first robot-friendly building
ai chatbot
An interview with ChatGPT about itself
Diplomacy game AI can negotiate, form alliances, and persuade people
The (robotic) doctor will see you now
holocaust photos
AI is helping to ID victims in Holocaust photos