The hackers exposing government-wide crime and corruption

At an undisclosed location in Sarajevo, a group of sophisticated hackers are engaged in a high-stakes cat and mouse game with some of the world’s most sinister governments.

The group works with investigative journalists across the globe to expose government-wide crime and corruption.

But those involved in illicit dealings don’t appreciate the attention. They go to great lengths to shut down investigative reporting through cyber attacks and other intimidation tactics.

Can the group remain vigilant and use their unique talents to help the truth come to light?

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Hackers say cracking power grid tech was easiest challenge yet 
During an industrial control systems hacking challenge, a Dutch team won $40,000 for cracking tech used to control the power grid.
An old satellite was hacked to broadcast signals across North America
A recent satellite hacking shows that end-of-life satellites may be vulnerable.
How Ukraine has defended itself against cyberattacks – lessons for the US 
Russian hackers stepped up their efforts against Ukraine in the run-up to the 2022 invasion, but with notably different results.
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