Hacking Privacy

Your data is everywhere. As surveillance technology gets smarter, how can we find a balance between safety and privacy? 
You can now live forever. (Your AI-powered twin, that is).
Mind Bank Ai wants to create a “personal digital twin” of you to forever be around. Is AI eternity around the corner?
Metahuman lets you create photorealistic, animated digital humans
Epic has released a new character creation tool in Unreal Engine, called MetaHuman Creator, that helps you render an almost endless selection of near-photorealistic digital people.
Cloud-based quantum computing, explained
Cloud-based quantum computing is making the cutting-edge tech available to people today, not years from now when the systems are more readily available.
See Another Challenge

Breakthroughs in psychedelics are leading to a paradigm shift in well being. What will our relationship with drugs look like as this movement goes mainstream?

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Chinese canon employees must pass an AI smile test to go to work
Canon Information Technology’s Beijing branch has launched a new type of employee monitoring — smile recognition technology.
Deepfakes shine in South Park creators’ new show
The creators of South Park have released a web show, Sassy Justice, that makes use of incredibly realistic deepfakes.
3D police lineups could reduce wrongful convictions
A new type of police lineup uses 3D technology to let eyewitnesses view suspects from any angle, and could reduce wrongful convictions.
Transloc is using big data to create a more efficient public transit system
Cities across the U.S. are creating on-demand van transportation systems that work like Uber, but for the cost of a bus fare.
Bitcoin is now ‘legal tender’ in El Salvador
If more countries follow, what will this mean for consumers and businesses around the world?
Using machine learning to detect dementia in older drivers
Researchers build AI to predict dementia and mild cognitive impairment in older drivers based on driving data.
Phone cameras can now measure your pulse and breathing
A team of researchers has developed an algorithm to measure pulse and respiration rate during a telehealth appointment using your device’s camera.
Facebook’s smart glasses are stylish and creepy 
Facebook and Ray-Ban have released a new line of smart glasses that can take photos, answer phone calls, and play music and podcasts.
Society runs on GPS. What happens when it gets hacked?
GPS runs more than you’d think. It’s also more vulnerable than you’d think. The old-school radionavigation system Loran could save GPS from catastrophe.
It’s time for regular Americans to think differently about cybersecurity
If huge companies and government agencies can’t manage the cyber threats, how can ordinary Americans?
Digital Detectives

Hackers find missing people for fun

At any given time, there are roughly 100,000 missing people in the U.S. These hackers are using their skills in computer forensics to follow digital footprints.

Hackers find missing people for fun

Protecting the Right to Repair
tractor hacking
Series | Coded
Tractor-hacking farmers take on John Deere
e waste
The ugly truth about toxic e-waste
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