Hacking Privacy

Your data is everywhere. As surveillance technology gets smarter, how can we find a balance between safety and privacy? 
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The strange story of Venezuela’s failed cryptocurrency 7:48
The world’s first state-backed cryptocurrency was a revolutionary idea that could’ve saved Venezuela’s economy. Here’s what went wrong.
Society runs on GPS. What happens when it gets hacked?
GPS runs more than you’d think. It’s also more vulnerable than you’d think. The old-school radionavigation system Loran could save GPS from catastrophe.
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The unhackable email service 5:50
Edward Snowden’s email service of choice wants to make mass surveillance obsolete.
See Another Challenge

Breakthroughs in psychedelics are leading to a paradigm shift in well being. What will our relationship with drugs look like as this movement goes mainstream?

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Hacking satellites with $300 worth of TV gear 6:19
There are nearly 3,000 satellites in orbit, and all of them are subject to a breach in satellite security. Here’s how white hat hackers can help.
Meet the digital bodyguard for investigative journalists
Smári McCarthy discusses his job protecting the work of journalists investigating organized crime and corruption
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Hacker reveals how he robs banks 5:49
Pentesters use the same methods of breaching as criminal hackers, with one key distinction: they’re hired by the owner of the system and perform the attack with permission.
The badass army fighting revenge porn 3:06
They’re tracking down people who post revenge porn – and getting justice.
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Combating conspiracy in the disinformation age 6:41
What can we do about troll farms, deepfakes, and phoney headlines in the disinformation age?
White hat hackers are defending hospitals from rising cyber attacks
Criminals are exploiting COVID-19 to launch cyber attacks. These volunteers have grouped together to fight back.
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Hacker hero arrested by FBI 6:20
Was MalwareTech just doing research to stop criminal activity or engaging in criminal activity himself?
"cybersecurity for plants" can stop germs from hacking our food supply
Computer hackers exploit flaws in code to access systems and take what they want; plant diseases work the same way.
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Hacker wins election as Pirate Party leader 5:36
Iceland’s Pirate Party is trying to use a hacker mindset to improve their country and the world.
What we mean when we talk about hacking
We’ve all heard it before: “I was hacked!” But that can mean a lot of things. We take a look at some of the big ones.
Digital Detectives

Hackers find missing people for fun

At any given time, there are roughly 100,000 missing people in the U.S. These hackers are using their skills in computer forensics to follow digital footprints.

Hackers find missing people for fun

Protecting the Right to Repair
tractor hacking
Series | Coded
Tractor-hacking farmers take on john deere
e waste
The ugly truth about toxic e-waste
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Hacker wins election as Pirate Party leader 5:36
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