Hacking Privacy

Your data is everywhere. As surveillance technology gets smarter, how can we find a balance between safety and privacy? 
Watch a drone swarm navigate a bamboo forest
By arming each drone with its own sensors, researchers have created the first swarm capable of navigating a wide environment.
Ukrainian artists turn to NFTs to tell their stories 
A Kyiv gallerist and Puerto Rican art gallery are auctioning off NFTs of art created in conflict to support Ukrainian artists.
The NBA’s Golden State Warriors use data to optimize the fan experience 
The Warriors are using data in an attempt to deliver the best — and best targeted — fan experience possible.
See Another Challenge

Breakthroughs in psychedelics are leading to a paradigm shift in well being. What will our relationship with drugs look like as this movement goes mainstream?

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tinder algorithm
Hacking the Tinder algorithm to find love 7:47
Dating apps are really good at introducing you to lots of people, but they might not be the best way to find a lifelong partner. Can we decode our data to get better results?
industrial control systems
Hackers say cracking power grid tech was easiest challenge yet
During an industrial control systems hacking challenge, a Dutch team won $40,000 for cracking tech used to control the power grid.
electromagnetic warfare
Elon Musk’s Starlink fights off Russian attacks in Ukraine 
A Pentagon official was impressed by how quickly the Starlink internet network responded to electromagnetic warfare in Ukraine.
WeChat users try to keep Shanghai lockdown protest video ahead of censors 
WeChat users have turned to all manner of tricks in a cat-and-mouse game with CCP censors to keep a video about the Shanghai lockdown online.
Series | Coded
Hacker wins election as Pirate Party leader5:36
Iceland’s Pirate Party is trying to use a hacker mindset to improve their country and the world.
Digital Detectives

Hackers find missing people for fun

At any given time, there are roughly 100,000 missing people in the U.S. These hackers are using their skills in computer forensics to follow digital footprints.

Hackers find missing people for fun

Protecting the Right to Repair
tractor hacking
Series | Coded
Tractor-hacking farmers take on John Deere
e waste
The ugly truth about toxic e-waste
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Hacking the Tinder algorithm to find love 7:47
Hackers find missing people for fun6:06
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Hacker wins election as Pirate Party leader5:36
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