Construction juggernaut unveils huge electric mining truck
Construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar has demonstrated its first battery-electric large mining truck.
This meteorite material could power our clean energy future
A lab-made version of tetrataenite, a mineral found in meteorites, could replace rare earth elements in the production of permanent magnets.
Quantum computer designs heat-radiating window coating
Notre Dame researchers have used quantum computing to design a transparent window coating that reflects heat into the atmosphere.
hydroponic farm
Supermarket uses hydroponic farm to grow veggies onsite
solar geoengineering
The US is researching ways to block the sun
rooftop wind energy
New motionless tech harnesses wind energy from rooftops
Is ancient technology better than modern air conditioning?
Meanwhile, Antarctica’s snow is turning green
plastic recycling
New process could make plastic recycling more profitable 
New MIT system could cool buildings up to 10℃— without electricity
whitest paint
World’s whitest paint is now thin enough for cars, planes
Sea turtles in Seychelles have recovered from the brink
You could soon get a piece of $700 million Liquid Death