Astronomers find Earth-sized planet covered in volcanoes
An Earth-sized exoplanet 90 light years away may be covered in active volcanoes — and home to extraterrestrial life.
Strange life forms create an “alien” ecosystem in an abandoned uranium mine
Scientists have found diverse life forms dwelling in an abandoned, flooded uranium mine in Germany, creating an "alien" ecosystem.
Undergrad develops AI to hunt for alien signals
An AI trained to hunt for technosignatures from intelligent alien life found 8 interesting signals on its first deployment.
Scientists discover animal that doesn’t need oxygen to live 
The parasite infects salmon and lives within the fish muscle, though scientists aren't quite sure how it breaks down nutrients for survival.
MIT is leading the hunt for life in Venus’ atmosphere
MIT is leading a privately-funded hunt for life in Venus’ clouds, scheduled to begin in 2023.
Two dozen “superhabitable” exoplanets may be better than Earth
Earth is successful at supporting life, but it may not be the most successful. These 24 “superhabitable” exoplanets may be even better.
Is anybody out there?
New breakthroughs in the technology used for exoplanet discovery mean we could find proof for the existence of extraterrestrials in our lifetime.
How to talk to aliens
Let's imagine aliens exist. You have the extraordinary task of crafting a message that they might conceivably understand. How would you do it? And what would you say? Daniel Oberhaus has a few ideas.