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Our Favorite Brand Stories
The future of cancer research5:54
Intel’s Bryce Olson used genomic sequencing to help fight his cancer. Now he’s helping researchers use artificial intelligence to discover entirely new cancer treatments.
african american genealogy
The hidden history in Black genealogy7:31
This team is restoring generations of overlooked African American genealogy, and people are discovering family histories they never knew they had.
Switched Reluctance Motor
Want to save the planet? start with reinventing the motor6:00
This highly efficient switched reluctance motor has the ability to save manufacturers millions of dollars and significantly reduce their carbon emissions.
research grants
Series | Catalysts
Research grants, the silicon valley way4:48
What if there was a way to fast-forward innovation? An economist and tech billionaire recently joined forces to make research grants available within 14 days.
robotic surgery
Robotic surgery unlocks a new era of medicine5:39
The advancement of robotic surgery systems is expanding physical limitations to allow for minimally invasive procedures and improved patient recovery.
This restaurant is giving young people a second chance5:20
Cafe Momentum offers an alternative to the revolving doors at Texas jails.
What is inside a black hole?6:15
Rendering the first black hole image was an important milestone. But in many ways, the true value of the project lies in how it created an opportunity for researchers to change the way they explore the world.
child exploitation
Fighting child exploitation with big data6:29
Last year, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received 18 million reports of images and videos depicting child sexual abuse. Now, they’re using a new technology to confront this issue with the force necessary to eradicate it.
tactical urbanism
Reclaiming city spaces with “tactical urbanism”5:35
From guerilla gardening to pop-up parks, tactical urbanism is catching the world by storm.
ethical business
How this founder built a billion-dollar ethical egg business2:00
Vital Farms has created a company culture that focuses on the welfare of all stakeholders – even the ones laying the eggs.
defense technology
Engineering the impossible: The future of military tech5:37
Palmer Luckey and his team of outside-the-box thinkers are creating defense technology that the government does not yet believe possible.
How to teach kids to read in as little as 50 days5:50
1 in 10 people in the world today are illiterate. This program teaches people to read in as little as 50 days.