Hard Tech

“SkinKit” lets ordinary people build their own “smart tattoos”
“SkinKit” smart tattoos are wearable devices that collect data directly from users’ bodies and display useful information in real time.
“Adaptive WiFi” wants to learn your habits  5:52
You’re already living in a smart home – but there’s one thing missing.
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Russia tries to impose switch to Linux from Windows
The Russian government is switching from the Windows operating system to the open-source OS Linux and encouraging companies to follow suit.
Robotic wheelchair revolution4:55
Superhuman season 5 | trailer0:40
Prosthetics enter a new age of beautiful form and incredible function
The world's most advanced bionic arm
A lay person's guide to biohacking
The real bionic man8:36
The 3D-printed helmet that can read your mind. Could it change the world?
Superhuman trailer2:36