Hacking DNA to beat climate change

Nature already has a secret way to combat climate change. What if we could harness it?
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In partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks

Humanity‚Äôs impact on the Earth is massive. 

Arable land is transformed for agriculture; plastics litter the planet; the very atmosphere is warming with carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, hotboxing all of us.

But what if solutions to these complex problems could be found in the very building blocks of life itself?

This is why Ginkgo Bioworks exists: to provide the platform that allows innovators and entrepreneurs to work with biology, to make everything from plastic-munching microbes to better beauty products.

Weed’s “superpower” could help feed the planet
A Yale study focused on how photosynthesis works in the common weed purslane puts us closer to engineering crops resistant to climate change.
Gates-backed company is using robots to build mega solar farms 
With new capital from a Bill Gates-backed VC firm, Terabase wants to automate solar farm construction.
Cheap carbon capture tech could filter out CO2 in smokestacks
A new carbon capture technology made from the cheap material melamine could help keep emissions out of the atmosphere.
Swiss team sets new world record for solar power 
Swiss researchers have developed two perovskite-on-silicon solar cells that are more efficient than previously thought possible.