When you’re working on the edge of what’s possible, your ideas are bound to raise a few eyebrows. But sometimes the  ideas that seem far-fetched are also the ones that change the world. In this series, we meet the people whose bold ideas might sound crazy...but also Just Might Work.

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How robots could end animal captivity in zoos and marine parks
Could robotic dolphins help marine parks become more humane spaces where people can learn about and connect with nature?
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“In a 50 year timeframe this could become the default way that people choose to have children.”
ivg treatment
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His brain implant made headlines in 2016. Now, he’s fighting for everyone to afford one.
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Cows belch a greenhouse gas called methane, which is 30x more potent than carbon dioxide.
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We’re sending messages into space. Have they been received by aliens?
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We still don’t understand the ancient mysteries of fire. How is that possible?
fire spread
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This woman can smell diseases — and she’s working with scientists to give you her superpower.
sense of smell