Psilocybin Therapy
Psilocybin therapy appears to dramatically reduce depression 
mdma therapy
MDMA therapy and the promise of psychedelics
Scientists can induce out-of-body experiences without drugs
“Candy flipping” — mixing MDMA and LSD — is hitting the lab
microdosing lsd
Microdosing LSD may provide pain relief 
Psychedelic Mushrooms
Scientists want to study your at-home psychedelic mushroom experiences
Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy
App brings psychedelic-assisted therapy into your home
ayahuasca experience
One ayahuasca experience could have lasting effects on the brain
Afghan Farmers Solar Panels Opium
Afghan farmers use solar panels to grow food — and opium
Microdosing Marijuana
Microdosing marijuana can relieve chronic pain