A nun built a hydroelectric plant that’s providing free power to a town in Africa
Blackouts are a daily disruption in the country, which sources most of its electricity from a run-down and mismanaged hydropower system.
Inspired by kombucha tea, engineers create living materials
A symbiotic culture of specialized yeast and bacteria can generate tough materials able to perform a variety of functions.
A physician didn’t shower for 5 years. Here’s what he found out.
Hygiene rituals are as old as recorded civilization, but capitalism has spurred us to use increasingly elaborate and expensive regimens.
Major earthquake in Haiti tracked by citizen seismologists
Private citizens are helping scientists study the recent earthquake in Haiti by hosting low-cost quake-monitoring devices.
Amateur astronomer discovers new moon of Jupiter
An amateur astronomer has spotted an unknown moon of Jupiter, marking the first discovery of a planetary moon by a non-professional.
Citizen scientists helped NASA map our cosmic backyard
NASA was able to create a highly detailed 3D map of nearby brown dwarfs thanks to the efforts of 150,000 citizen scientists.
Smart vibrator helps scientists study female orgasms 
The Lioness Sex Research Platform is helping scientists study female orgasms by providing anonymized data collected by a smart vibrator.
Help scientists figure out whether brain training apps work
To figure out how people might benefit from brain training apps, researchers are looking for 30,000 volunteers willing to play brain games science.
Scientists test DIY coronavirus vaccine on themselves
Scientists have developed a DIY coronavirus vaccine they think could provide protection against COVID-19 — and they’re testing it on themselves.
NASA app asks players to help map our oceans
While social distancing, volunteer data collectors can contribute to research by helping map oceans with NASA's citizen science app.
Face masks made from… LEGO?
The popular toy company that’s mass-producing PPE, how to fight the coronavirus from your computer, and more top stories in our weekly Progress Report.
You can help scientists during the coronavirus quarantine
Getting bored during the coronavirus quarantine? Researchers are looking for volunteer citizen scientists to help analyze distant galaxies from home.
Our spare computer is helping fight coronavirus. yours can, too.
Help fight the coronavirus by donating your spare computing power to Folding@home, which will use it to run valuable protein-folding simulations.
NASA wants YOU to help track landslides
NASA is enlisting citizen scientists to collect important data on recent landslides, in an effort to improve prediction models and assist in disaster prevention.
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The Y2K bug is going to bite!
Did we narrowly avoid the apocalypse because of some world-saving last minute de-bugging.