Identical twins were raised in different countries. Here’s how they differ today.
After being separated as toddlers, two identical twins were raised apart in the US and South Korea.
Nurturing dads raise emotionally intelligent kids
Nurturing dads raise more emotionally intelligent children, helping make society more respectful and equitable.
Study reveals the dynamics of human milk production
MIT researchers performed a large-scale study of the cells in human breast milk, allowing them to track how these cells change over time.
backup childcare
Why employers might pay your parents to watch your kids
The Helpr app makes it easy for working parents to get their employers to pay for backup childcare provided by friends and family members.
incarcerated mothers newborn babies
Minnesota stops separating newborns and incarcerated mothers
The Healthy Start Act makes Minnesota the first state to stop the practice of separating incarcerated mothers from their newborns soon after delivery.
foster care system
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How to keep kids out of the foster care system
The foster care system has become a catch-all for all forms of family crises, but what if there was a resource parents could access for support before government intervention even became necessary?
the dad gang
This gang is breaking the stereotype of the absent black father
These dads are on a mission to change the way the world views black parenthood.
domestic abuse during the coronavirus
Domestic abuse is surging under lockdown. can we stem the tide?
Coronavirus lockdowns may be the impetus for rising occurrences of child and domestic abuse. Advocates find creative solutions.