Debunking stereotypes about mobile homes could make them a new face of affordable housing
People see manufactured housing parks as problems. We recognize them as part of the solution to housing crises.
These innovative projects are tackling homelessness around the world
It’s been estimated that at least 150 million people, which is about 2% of the world’s population, are homeless.
DIY heater
Open-source DIY heater helps unsheltered stay warm in winter
A DIY heater that is safe to use in tents and costs just $7 to make is helping unsheltered people across the U.S. stay warm this winter.
rough sleepers
UK trials “NAPpads” to help rough sleepers survive the winter
A pilot project to combat homelessness could help rough sleepers not only survive this winter, but maybe even get off the streets for good.
tiny houses for homeless
Nonprofit builds tiny houses for homeless people in backyards
Facing Homelessness builds tiny houses for homeless people in Seattle homeowners' backyards to address a shortage of affordable housing.
boarding house
Is it time for America to bring back the boarding house?
A revival of the boarding house — popular in the 1800s, banned by modern zoning — could help solve America’s affordable housing woes.
tiny house village
A tiny house village for the homeless is coming to Minnesota
This tiny house village for homeless people is designed to overcome traditional shelters' limitations and help residents stay safe during the pandemic.
ending chronic homelessness
California city ends its chronic homelessness
Bakersfield, California, has effectively ended its chronic homelessness through an initiative focused on the collection of real-time data.
first time home buyers
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From homeless to homeowner with a $6K fixer-upper
Acts Housing is empowering low-income families by offering resources for every step of the process, from financial counselors to home renovation support.
3d printed homes for the homeless
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3D printed homes for the homeless
This 51-acre neighborhood for the homeless will be the first of its kind in the U.S. to have 3D printed homes.
helping homeless people
The mission to reunite homeless with their families
Volunteer digital detectives are helping homeless people reunite with their families.
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A school made for homeless children
When a child faces chaos at home, it's impossible to learn. This school is doing whatever it takes to help homeless students and their families create better lives.
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Racing out of homelessness
This running club that meets at 5:45am is helping the homeless transform their lives.
Giving homeless people something most of us take for granted
This one small thing can mean the difference between a spot in a shelter or sleeping on the streets, a job or no job, a place to eat or going without food.
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A game-changer for chronic homelessness
He turned a food truck for the homeless into a thriving 51-acre community.
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Can the apartment industry help solve homelessness?
Meet the innovative group connecting people with housing — and a job that can pay for it.