Einstein’s 7 rules for a better life
His fame extended far beyond the field of physics, as Einstein played major roles in politics, media, and even the everyday affairs of life.
What are “meta-skills” and how can they supercharge your life?
There are many meta-skills out there, but feeling, seeing, dreaming, making, and learning are likely the most important in the modern world.
To be a happier, more successful person, get off the “hedonic treadmill”
Eudaimonic pursuits are outwardly focused, whereas hedonic activities are concerned with self-centered fulfillment.
To make great changes in your life, follow the philosophy of kaizen
Kaizen asks us to make small changes, slowly and over time. It's a hard skill to master in an age of instant gratification.
Babble hypothesis shows key factor to becoming a leader
Researchers show that intelligence is not the most important factor in leadership, simply talking the most is.
The key to good teamwork
The coronavirus pandemic is forcing more teams to figure out how to collaborate while working from home. This team-building tool helps people with different communication styles get on the same page.
How to drive student engagement? Unleash a swarm.
Our favorite principal, Hamish Brewer, is up to something new this school year. Just like Hogwarts, his school is adopting the traditional house system to improve academic performance, student engagement, and behavior.
Disrupting the fear of failure
Failure is a universal experience, yet the stigma attached to it undermines our ability to talk about it openly and honestly. One provocatively named organization, F*ckup Nights, is hoping to turn the tide.
The next pandemic is out there. Is the private sector ready?
Johns Hopkins' simulated, international catastrophe is helping business, government, and public health leaders improve global pandemic preparedness.
Dad builds amusement park for daughter
This dad couldn’t find a theme park that worked for his daughter with special needs - so he built one.
Ever wonder what happens to leftover crayons?
This dad is melting down old crayons for kids who need them most.
Angels of debt
These ex-bill collectors got John Oliver's attention and started a movement. They're buying hundreds of millions of dollars worth of strangers' medical debt and erasing it.
Hope after prison
This former inmate is cleaning up his city and helping other ex-cons turn their lives around.
How to change the world
In partnership with Skoll Foundation
Olivia Leland, founder and CEO of Co-Impact, on how we should approach solving the world’s most complex problems.
F*ck a false arrest: How to get out of jail free in NYC
Good Call NYC Fights Bad Policing With a Free Lawyer Hotline: 1-833-3-GOODCALL
Veterans to the rescue
On the worst day of their lives, these veterans came to help.
How to hold police accountable
The Invisible Institute is making Chicago police complaints easily available to the public—and is helping hold police accountable.
Freethink's 2019 Criminal Justice Week
Join us as we go inside the criminal justice reform movement for an up close look at the people trying to fix our broken system.
This fearless principal used UFC & skateboards to save a failing school
How one relentless, unconventional principal rallied an underdog school.
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Can the apartment industry help solve homelessness?
In partnership with Stand Together
Meet the innovative group connecting people with housing — and a job that can pay for it.
How NASA scientists learned to stick with super long-term goals
When the New Horizons spacecraft launched in 2006, Pluto was still a planet and the iPhone didn't exist.
What happens if scientists lose faith in their own research?
Half of scientists have failed to replicate their own work — but they rarely come forward. A new project wants to...