Ancient creatures inspire record-breaking new technology
Inspired by the ancient compound eyes of the trilobite, researchers have created a record-breaking camera with a depth of field of just over a mile.
Fossil of oldest octopus and vampire squid relative may reveal 10-armed past
A newly described fossil may be the oldest relative yet found of octopuses and vampire squids — although if it is a new species at all is disputed.
Clues in woolly mammoth tusk reveal a lifetime of travels
Researchers have reconstructed the life of a woolly mammoth that lived more than 17,000 years ago by deciphering clues hidden in his tusk.
David Attenborough’s AR app puts dinos in your living room
The film David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive now has a companion AR app that brings three extinct creatures to life in your home.
Gators and guineafowl may help us understand how dinosaurs moved
Using x-ray 3D-imaging techniques, researchers are turning to gators and guineafowl to better understand how dinosaurs moved.
Ice Age wolf mummy discovered almost 100% intact
An almost perfectly preserved wolf mummy discovered in the Canadian tundra is giving researchers a glimpse into the life of an ancient wolf.
This digital dinosaur brain has some “quite surprising” insights
The Bristol dinosaur is like a mini-Brontosaurus, a four-legged plant eater. Or so we thought; a new digital dinosaur brain may change what we know about the dino.
Scientists find what looks like DNA in a dinosaur fossil
Researchers have found what appears to be DNA in a dinosaur fossil — a discovery that could radically change our understanding of DNA’s ability to survive.
Should we turn chickens into dinosaurs?
These scientists are studying chickens to learn more about dinosaur DNA, and their findings could help us better understand our own genetic code.
What dinosaur poop tells us about ancient life
Coprolite, aka dinosaur poop, is giving scientists a surprising glimpse into the world of the dinosaurs. Learn what industry leader Karen Chin has been learning from dino dung.