China’s spy balloon: Inflatable eyes in the sky have been used for centuries
Spy balloons remind us that the oldest technologies are still being developed to achieve military effects today.
The biggest AI breakthroughs of the last year
Last year saw breakthroughs from AI tools such as ChatGPT, DeepMind, and DALL-E, which generate text and code.
Inventions that are fighting the rise of facial recognition technology
Combating the rise of facial-recognition technology, designers have created clothing and accessories to help to conceal people's identities.
Computer scientists explain how to stop smart devices from spying on you 
"Smart" appliances tempt you with useless conveniences, but myriad privacy violations lie just beneath their shiny exterior.
Singapore to give all residents wearables for contact tracing
Singapore is testing the ability of wearables for contact tracing to prevent an increase in coronavirus infections as it lifts lockdown restrictions.
Apple and Google join forces on coronavirus tracking project
Apple and Google are collaborating on a coronavirus tracking project they hope will eliminate the privacy concerns surrounding contact-tracing apps.
Contact-tracing apps could help end coronavirus lockdown
A new University of Oxford study found that contact-tracing apps could help bring the coronavirus pandemic to an end without violating citizens' rights.
New app uses location data to track the coronavirus
Researchers from MIT and Harvard have created a smartphone app to track the coronavirus, and it puts a premium on user privacy.
Hey Alexa, quit eavesdropping 
Researchers at the University of Chicago have developed an ultrasonic audio jammer that doubles as a fashion accessory.
The anti-facial recognition fashion statement
These designers are trying to outsmart surveillance systems with anti-facial recognition makeup, glasses, and clothing. Can they help us go incognito?
New tech can see through walls and ID people by the way they walk
A California-based lab is using gait recognition and radio frequency to create a surveillance system that can see behind walls.
Send messages and use apps without the internet
Sending texts and using apps without the internet isn’t magic. It’s very real. And it could be a game-changer for those that need it most. Here’s why…
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How an exiled cryptographer is protecting journalists in his native Ethiopia
An exiled blogger teaches journalists in his native Ethiopia how to avoid capture
Using fashion to fool facial recognition
Facial recognition software is everywhere - and being used for surveillance. One fashion designer is coming up with looks that fool the software.
Can this robot stop violence at traffic stops?
A Duke robotics PhD student and his partner think they have a way ease tensions while deep-rooted differences are...
Meet the artist and activist who wants you to erase your DNA
Heather Dewey-Hagborg wants to make sure people understand the hidden secrets in the DNA they leave behind...