Habitat for Humanity builds 3D-printed home in 28 hours
Habitat for Humanity has turned over the keys to its first 3D-printed home, which was built more quickly and cheaply than its typical houses.
Military vets lead “Digital Dunkirk” to evacuate Afghan allies
U.S. military vets are leading a “Digital Dunkirk” to help extract fellow citizens and Afghan allies from a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.
Fireside Project is a support line for your bad trip
Fireside Project is a nonprofit that is providing a support line for your challenging psychedelic experiences — read: bad trip.
Volunteers in isolation experiment leave cave after 40 days
Volunteers spent more than a month living in a cave without any way to tell time as part of an isolation experiment called “Deep Time.”
Reclaiming city spaces with “tactical urbanism”
In partnership with Ford
From guerilla gardening to pop-up parks, tactical urbanism is catching the world by storm.
TikTok users rally to help elite athlete with Parkinson’s
TikTok users are rallying to help elite athlete Jimmy Choi by designing a pill bottle that's easier to use when his hands shake due to Parkinson’s disease.
“Community fridges” are helping fight food insecurity
Community fridges stocked with donated food that’s free for the taking are helping neighborhoods across the U.S. overcome food insecurity.
These kids are mowing lawns for people in need
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Raising Men Lawn Care Service has seen a surge in youths volunteering to mow lawns for those in need.
White hat hackers are defending hospitals from rising cyber attacks
Criminals are exploiting COVID-19 to launch cyber attacks. These volunteers have grouped together to fight back.
Across America, libraries are fighting the coronavirus
Communities are using every resource available to fight the coronavirus. Across the country, libraries are using their resources and staff to join the battle.
Coronavirus volunteers are using tech to help their communities
Groups looking for ways to help during COVID-19 are turning to tech, using websites, spreadsheets, and online forms to mobilize coronavirus volunteers.