Change is hard - people have been trying and failing to reform society for generations. But what if we had to? This is a show about rebuilding the world from scratch and reimagining everything from first principles. How should we design cities? What about schools? Power grids? Prisons? Money? Or the Internet? If we were starting over, what would we do differently? Because in the aftermath of 2020, we are. This is HARD RESET.

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Laser “death ray” kills weeds 80x faster than humans
This farming robot kills 200,000 weeds per hour with lasers.
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Will robots replace us? Apptronik, creator of the general purpose robot Apollo, has crafted a product that would only take the undesirable tasks away from humans.
A white and black robot standing in a warehouse.
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This suit is changing the future of video game development, streaming, and motion graphics.
Two men with glasses and a beard in front of a purple background.
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18-hour fast, 100 pills, bizarre tech - we tried Bryan Johnson’s age-reversal routine for 1 month.
Two men holding broccoli in their hands.
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Artificial intelligence is bigger than image prompts and idea generation. Much bigger. This veteran technologist says Generative AI will bring about “The New Internet.”
3d rendering of a broken computer with mountains in the background illustrating how Generative AI will impact the internet.
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Four billion people are not connected to the internet. This company wants to change that, using satellites in geostationary orbit.
An image of a planet with arrows pointing in different directions.
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This model of computing would use 1/1000th of the energy today’s computers do. So why aren’t we using it?
An image of a colorful square in the sky.