Change is hard - people have been trying and failing to reform society for generations. But what if we had to? This is a show about rebuilding the world from scratch and reimagining everything from first principles. How should we design cities? What about schools? Power grids? Prisons? Money? Or the Internet? If we were starting over, what would we do differently? Because in the aftermath of 2020, we are. This is HARD RESET.

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Should war robots have “license to kill?”
War is changing. As drones replace snipers, we must consider the ethics of machines making life or death decisions.
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This robot sorts trash with 99% accuracy.
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Millions of tons of batteries are headed to landfills. Here’s the plan to save them.
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“A new wave of material sciences could help us start cleaning the environment instead of just, well, using it as a trash can.”
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Most forests in the world may become fireproof in just ten years with this technology.
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A one-armed surfer invented this fireproof slime when a disaster tried to take his town.
fire suppression
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Where you live has more of an impact on your physical, emotional, and mental health than you think.