Brain implant lets cancer patients try 20 different drugs at a time
A microdevice that injects up to 20 drugs into gliomas at once could help doctors quickly identify the best treatment for cancer patients.
Existing heart drug may boost treatment for skin cancer
The FDA-approved heart medication ranolazine boosted the efficacy of a BRAF inhibitor in mouse models of melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer.
Targeted therapy kills every type of cancer in the lab
City of Hope researchers are trialing a targeted therapy shown to kill more than 70 types of cancer in preclinical tests.
Radioactive drugs are transforming cancer treatment
Radiopharmaceuticals allow doctors to directly target patients' cancer cells and avoid healthy tissue typically damaged by radiation therapy.
Natural killer cells now have a better shot at destroying cancer
A 3D-printing-based approach could make immunotherapies based on natural killer (NK) cells better equipped to destroy cancer.
New AI predicts who is most at risk of pancreatic cancer
An AI that identifies patients most at risk of pancreatic cancer could lead to earlier diagnosis of the deadly disease.
MIT’s vaccine-enhanced CAR-T cell therapy destroys solid tumors
Adding a cancer vaccine to CAR-T cell therapy, a revolutionary treatment for blood cancers, boosts its efficacy against solid tumors.
Certain diets can starve cancer cells
Low-calorie, intermittent-fasting, and ketogenic diets all can lower the amount of blood glucose available to fuel cancer cells.
Personalized mRNA vaccine preps the body to battle deadly cancer
A new pancreatic cancer vaccine based on mRNA tech was shown to be safe and capable of triggering an immune response in a small trial.
New gel destroys brain cancer in 100% of treated mice
A new brain cancer treatment not only cured 100% of mice that received it, but also trained their immune systems to fight future cancers.
Some cancers shouldn’t be treated
We're detecting and aggressively treating more tumors than ever before. But we're also over-treating more cancers then ever.