Why AI playing video games is a big deal
Google's SIMA can follow human instructions to play 3D video games. Researchers hopes the platform can one day help AI navigate real-world environments.
Google’s AI can create a video game based on a napkin drawing
Named Genie, the AI can create a short video games from a single image. It could one day create a wide range of interactive environments.
How one streamer learned to play video games with only her mind
Perrikaryal uses an EEG to translate her brain activity into game commands, turning her mind into a video game controller.
From besting Tetris AI to epic speedruns – inside gaming’s most thrilling feats
Gaming embraces design elements that promote social connection, creativity, a sense of autonomy – and, ultimately, the sheer joy of mastery.
Sophia the robot becomes first humanoid to be signed by a gaming org
Sophia the robot has signed to XSET, a gaming organization and lifestyle brand focused on diversity and inclusion.
Diplomacy game AI can negotiate, form alliances, and persuade people
The game of Diplomacy, based on social skills, has long been seen as a tough challenge for AI. But Meta’s CICERO has proven itself up to the task.
Unreal Engine may power the metaverse 
Epic’s popular Unreal Engine is on its fifth iteration, and the tools it contains may be especially helpful for metaverse developers.
Video games for mental health are coming
New startup DeepWell Digital Therapeutics is developing video games to help treat mental health disorders.
Video game for at-home stroke rehabilitation cuts costs, benefits patients
Patients and healthcare workers are benefitting from video games designed to help with stroke rehabilitation, chronic pain relief, and more.
Video game reveals your “soft skills” to potential employers
The Scoutible app reveals job candidates’ soft skills, which often don’t translate through resumes and interviews but are essential for success.
Minecraft’s urban planning AI could help design future cities
AIs design entire settlements in an annual Minecraft competition that could reveal uses for the tech in real-world urban planning.
Storm chasers explore Hurricane Laura with new flight simulator
Virtual storm chasers are using Microsoft’s new flight simulator to explore Hurricane Laura as it moves across the U.S.
This virtual world could be the next Fortnite
This virtual universe has already captured the interest of thousands of gamers and it stands to make a positive impact in the gaming industry as a whole.
A talk show in “Animal Crossing” is drawing big-name guests
“Animal Talking” — a late-night talk show set in the video game “Animal Crossing” — landed several big-name guests in its first few weeks of streaming.
Hong Kong protests in Animal Crossing
Hong Kong's virtual protests, tech giants joining forces to slow the spread of COVID-19, and more top stories in our weekly Progress Report.
Minecraft players built a massive library for censored news
Minecrafts’s Uncensored Library is exploiting a loophole in surveillance technology to sneak the news past government censorship.
The first “telepathic” social network is used to play tetris
Researchers claim that BrainNet is “bringing us a step closer to a ‘social network of brains.’”
How a video game helped the Cajun Navy save lives
When lives are on the line, inspiration can come from the most unlikely places.
How virtual reality is changing medicine
From virtual hearts to immersive battlefields, doctors and scientists are using virtual reality to transform medicine