How can we make progress on a problem as huge and seemingly intractable as poverty? How can we not? There is no silver bullet to eradicating poverty, but all across the country, a diverse array of social entrepreneurs are doing their part to take on this monumental challenge, building amazing organizations that are having a real impact in their communities. Catalysts, a Freethink original series presented by Stand Together, will take viewers to the frontlines of the fight against poverty to understand the challenges we face and meet the people behind some of the most innovative solutions to this complicated issue.

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Beyond the classroom: Outschool gives kids the chance to follow their dreams
Watch 13-year-old Isaac’s dreams come true with a heartwarming surprise from the Stand Together community and a Dallas Cowboys legend.
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One surprising way to boost empathy lies in telling other people’s stories from a first-person perspective.
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Their schools were underfunded and understaffed. This Detroit community fought back with an unconventional approach.
Fighting poverty
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This Boston organization, run by ex gang members, has reduced crime by 75%.
gang involved youth
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The parole system is filling our prisons - with little attention. Now, data engineers, law enforcement and parolees alike are trying to improve the system.
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4 years, 7 cities, 0 tests. A college to prepare students for the real world.
global education
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Teachers and students are burnt out from today’s education system. Here’s how to get the spark back.
teacher burn out