Hacking Biology

We now have the tools to control evolution. How will DIY biology improve our brains and our bodies, and what impacts will this have on society?
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DIY biohacking: Do(n’t) try this at home 8:56
Dr. Josiah Zayner believes scientists are dragging their feet on realizing CRISPR’s potential, so his do-it-yourself CRISPR kit allows people to experiment with gene editing at home.
Hack your dreams to improve your waking life
These scientists want to hack your dreams to improve your creativity and memory.
Biohacker’s prosthetic arm lets him play a synthesizer with his mind
Biohacker Bertolt Meyer has built the SynLimb, a controller that attaches to his prosthetic arm, allowing him to control his modular synthesizer with his mind.
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AI is shaping our society and will continue to do so in ways we can’t yet imagine. How do we leverage this technology to better humanity and not harm it?

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Smartphones can track your blood sugar levels
The ability to easily monitor blood sugar levels would allow everyone to have more control over their own metabolic health — not just people with diabetes.
How to radically biohack your mind
Brain-computer interfaces could enable humans to “merge with AI.”
Elon Musk: Neuralink brain implant detects pigs' movements
During a livestream, CEO Elon Musk presented the latest Neuralink brain implant, as well as what he claimed were several pig recipients of the device.
Fecal transplant cures man whose gut made him drunk
A fecal transplant cured a man of auto-brewery syndrome, a rare condition in which the gut converts carbs into alcohol, making a person feel drunk.
A lay person's guide to biohacking
We’re living in a golden age of people exploring high and low tech methods to optimize our bodies.
Biohacking In Action
Series | Biohackers

I got a chip implanted in a biohacking garage

Underground “biohackers” are enhancing their bodies with tech implants. Freethink Director Chase Pipkin decided to try it out.

Series | Biohackers

I got a chip implanted in a biohacking garage

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