New experiment brings us closer to unbreakable quantum encryption
Researchers at Linkӧping University have built a quantum random number generator to be easier to integrate into consumer electronics.
Hackers get AI to share credit card info and endorse hate speech
At DEFCON 2023, ethical hackers targeted generative AIs by OpenAI, Google, and other tech leaders to aid responsible AI development.
New voice cloning AI lets “you” speak multiple languages
Voice cloning AIs are gaining more abilities, while the amount of audio needed to replicate a person’s voice is shrinking.
Deepfake audio has a tell – researchers use fluid dynamics to spot artificial imposter voices
Audio deepfakes potentially pose a huge threat, as people often communicate via phone calls, radio, and voice recordings.
Starlink satellites can be reverse-engineered to create new GPS
SpaceX’s Starlink satellite mega-constellation could be used to create a new, more secure global positioning system for the US Army.
Bluetooth hack breaks into cars and smart locks 
Researchers in the UK have identified a vulnerability in Bluetooth-based locks, including Kwikset smart locks and Teslas.
North Korean citizens are jailbreaking smartphones to bypass censorship 
In the face of severe punishments, North Korean hackers are finding clever ways to access forbidden content.
Hackers say cracking power grid tech was easiest challenge yet 
During an industrial control systems hacking challenge, a Dutch team won $40,000 for cracking tech used to control the power grid.
An old satellite was hacked to broadcast signals across North America
A recent satellite hacking shows that end-of-life satellites may be vulnerable.
How Ukraine has defended itself against cyberattacks – lessons for the US 
Russian hackers stepped up their efforts against Ukraine in the run-up to the 2022 invasion, but with notably different results.
How AI is shaping the cybersecurity arms race 
Defending against cyberattacks increasingly means looking for patterns in large amounts of data – a task AI was made for.
International army of hackers joins Ukraine’s cyberwar 
An estimated 400,000 volunteers have joined Ukraine’s IT army, helping the nation attack Russia from the digital realm.
Anonymous hacks Russian TV, plays Ukraine war footage 
Hacker collective Anonymous infiltrated Russia’s state-run media channels to broadcast Ukraine war footage.
The hacker group Anonymous has waged a cyber war against Russia 
Alongside Anonymous, large numbers of Ukrainian cyber professionals have volunteered to assist with Ukraine’s cyber defense.
Russia’s cyberattacks foreshadow the future of war
Russia ramped up its cyberattacks on Ukraine prior to its physical invasion, potentially foreshadowing how future conflicts will play out.
The man hacking hot water to save the planet
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The U.S. Energy Department estimates that tankless water heaters can be up to 34% more efficient than conventional storage water heaters - cutting your annual heating costs by 40%.
Fighting for the right to repair McDonald’s ice cream machines
A judge has issued a victory to Kytch, a startup that makes it easier for fast food franchise owners to repair McDonald’s ice cream machines.
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Tractor-hacking farmers take on John Deere 
Tractor hacking is a fast-growing trend in the farming community — but it’s not outsiders breaking in.
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Combating conspiracy in the disinformation age
What can we do about troll farms, deepfakes, and phoney headlines in the disinformation age?
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Hacking satellites with $300 worth of TV gear
There are nearly 3,000 satellites in orbit, and all of them are subject to a breach in satellite security. Here’s how white hat hackers can help.
Interactive map puts Capitol Hill riot videos into context
The developer Patr10tic has used metadata from Parler to create an interactive map linking each of the Capitol Hill riot videos to its exact location.
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Hacker reveals how he robs banks
Pentesters use the same methods of breaching as criminal hackers, with one key distinction: they’re hired by the owner of the system and perform the attack with permission.
How hackers could take down the election… or save it
In an attempt to prepare government officials to manage threats on Election Day, one cybersecurity company has created an immersive simulation exercise called Operation Blackout.
DEF CON hackers compete to hijack a satellite in orbit
DEF CON’s Space Security Challenge 2020 tasked teams with hacking satellites. The grand prize? Nothing less than the moon.
White hat hackers are defending hospitals from rising cyber attacks
Criminals are exploiting COVID-19 to launch cyber attacks. These volunteers have grouped together to fight back.
Ethical hacking challenge: Can you take over a military satellite?
The U.S. Air Force is hosting Hack-A-Sat, an ethical hacking competition challenging participants to find security vulnerabilities in satellite systems.
Society runs on GPS. What happens when it gets hacked?
GPS runs more than you’d think. It’s also more vulnerable than you’d think. The old-school radionavigation system Loran could save GPS from catastrophe.
Hackers find missing people for fun
This search and rescue expert discovered that many missing people had nobody looking for them. Then he had an idea: what if hackers made a game out of finding missing people through the internet?
“Cybersecurity for plants” can stop germs from hacking our food supply
Computer hackers exploit flaws in code to access systems and take what they want; plant diseases work the same way.
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Hacker wins election as Pirate Party leader
Iceland's Pirate Party is trying to use a hacker mindset to improve their country and the world.
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Hacker hero arrested by FBI
Was MalwareTech just doing research to stop criminal activity or engaging in criminal activity himself?
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The lawyer who defends anonymous
Jay Leiderman isn’t your normal defense attorney. He’s committed his career to defending hackers, including...
Nico Sell on recruiting hackers for good
Why we should teach kids how to hack and encourage them to use their new-found talents for good.
Nico Sell on recruiting hackers for good
Nico Sell, founder and chairman of the Wickr Foundation, on teaching kids how to hack and encouraging them to use their new-found talents for good.
Nico Sell thinks hackers can be a force for good
After criminals hijacked the term, Sell is on a mission to change our perception of hackers.
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Hacking the future
How do we make sure the next generation of hackers uses their talents for good?
The hackers exposing government-wide crime and corruption
Displaying the power of unique technological abilities combined with dogged investigative journalism
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The people’s NSA
Hackers and journalists team up to expose crime and corruption around the world
What we mean when we talk about hacking
We've all heard it before: "I was hacked!" But that can mean a lot of things. We take a look at some of the big ones.
Meet the programmer who defied the FBI
Ladar Levison spent 10 years building his business, then destroyed it all in one night when the FBI came knocking.
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The unhackable email service
Edward Snowden’s email service of choice wants to make mass surveillance obsolete.
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