Why this startup is creating edible oil from sawdust
ÄIO's main goal is to replace palm oil with oil upcycled from low-value industry organics in order to prevent further deforestation.
After studying 850 hours of footage, this paper offers 3 rules for a great conversation
Good conversations leave a lasting impression. They are rewarding and enriching. Here's how to have more of them.
If you have a complex project, follow “Gall’s law” — or it will fail
Success can be based on the fundamental observation that working complex systems arise from working simple systems.
What AI can teach us about copyright and fair use
A copyright lawyer and fair use expert weighs in on the legal implications of these new AI technologies.
Inexperienced workers get the biggest boost from AI, Stanford/MIT study finds
MIT and Stanford researchers have completed the first real-world assessment of chatbot AI in the workplace
How Stripe is using GPT-4 to fight fraud
Stripe has incorporated OpenAI’s large language model GPT-4 into their business.
No, 90% of new businesses don’t fail. Here’s why.
To say that something failed, simply because it stopped or changed, is to dangerously limit our view of the world.
Microsoft plans to use ChatGPT in Bing. Here’s why it could be a threat to Google.
Language models could transform the ways we engage with search engines.
From CDs to NFTs: Starbucks’ surprising history of embracing new tech 
Starbucks’ newly-announced blockchain platform is just the latest example of the chain’s early embracement of tech.
New industries are embracing apprenticeships
Eschewing costly college degrees, earn-and-learn apprenticeship programs are pushing into new industries.
A world map of start-up ambitions
In New Zealand, ambitious Kiwis want to launch a lawn mowing business; in South Africa, it's cooking gas refills. Start-up dreams vary widely.
The age of the autonomous forklift is here
Facing a skilled labor crunch, companies are turning to autonomous forklift fleets for a safer, faster, more efficient work environment.
Solving the last mile problem with robotic delivery vehicles
Most of the cost of delivering goods is tied to moving “the last mile” from a hub to the final destination. A new robotic delivery bot being piloted in three cities may help solve the problem.
The “great resignation” is a trend that began before the pandemic – and it may be the new normal
The current resignation behavior may seem like a new trend, data shows employee turnover has been rising steadily for the past decade.
This Gen-Z CEO is taking on the $20 billion tampon industry
Rehab, re-centering, and rebirth: it’s the true story of a Gen Z CEO who wanted to spearhead a movement for better period care.
Could Gen Z close the racial wealth gap through entrepreneurship?
In partnership with Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
This American city was ranked one of the worst for the success of black-owned businesses. Can these young entrepreneurs change that?
The plant-based startup taking on food giants
Kelp is a superfood that’s grown totally sustainable. But will people be willing to replace burgers with seaweed?
AI avatars bring deepfakes to the business world
A financial consulting firm has created AI avatars of its staff that can be used to quickly create deepfakes for presentations and more.
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The underdog challenging McDonald’s and Wall Street
Everytable is scaling access to wealth through a healthy fast food revolution.
New AI “engines” can read and understand on multiple levels
Primer’s new AI tools are expert readers, capable of analyzing long bodies of text far faster — and more accurately — than humans can.
Whole Foods shoppers can now pay with palm scans
Amazon is bringing its palm print-scanning biometric payment technology to eight Whole Foods locations, with plans for further expansion.
Is conscious capitalism the future of business?
In partnership with Conscious Capitalism
For First United Bank, a commitment to Conscious Capitalism changed the way they do business, and it’s paying off.
This week in ideas: The end of checkout lines, photoshopping your voice, and a new way to pay for a ride
Amazon's new grocery store, Adobe's new tech can make you say anything, and pay for the bus by watching an ad.