Hacking Biology

We now have the tools to control evolution. How will DIY biology improve our brains and our bodies, and what impacts will this have on society?
Neuralink rival will soon test brain implant in US clinical trials 
It’s the first time the FDA has approved clinical trials for a brain-computer interface.
pig heart transplant
Docs discover likely cause of pig heart transplant failure
A pig virus — and not organ rejection — appears to be the reason a man who lived for two months after a pig heart transplant ultimately died.
Computer-designed miniproteins unleash a whole new kind of drugs 
Using a computer program, researchers have created miniproteins that they hope can lead to new drugs.
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AI is shaping our society and will continue to do so in ways we can’t yet imagine. How do we leverage this technology to better humanity and not harm it?

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Probiotic gut bacteria can produce a vital Parkinson’s drug 
L-DOPA is a miraculous Parkinson’s drug with terrible side effects. Researchers have created drug-producing bacteria that may help.
bionic hand
Man builds his own bionic hand out of melted plastic bottles 
After creating a bionic hand for himself, Peruvian engineer Enzo Romero launched a company to sell the low-cost prosthetics to others.
Stanford scientists can control specific brain cells at a distance 
Using infrared light and a Nobel Prize-winning molecule that detects chili pepper heat, researchers can control brain cells from a distance.
New $5-device allows healthy sperm cells to isolate themselves
About 10% of men are infertile, and often their sperm is to blame. This device could help separate the healthy cells from the others.
Artificial fingertip
Breakthrough artificial fingertip mimics our sense of touch 
A new artificial fingertip replicates humans’ sense of touch by mimicking the microscopic anatomy of our fingertips.
Biohacking In Action
Series | Biohackers

I got a chip implanted in a biohacking garage

Underground “biohackers” are enhancing their bodies with tech implants. Freethink Director Chase Pipkin decided to try it out.

Series | Biohackers

I got a chip implanted in a biohacking garage

Biohacking and the Arts
Series | Biohackers
The cyborg artist who hears color6:13
Neil Harbisson was born colorblind. Now he has an antenna implant in his skill to hear color and create beautiful works of art.
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