Hacking Biology

We now have the tools to control evolution. How will DIY biology improve our brains and our bodies, and what impacts will this have on society?
mobility issues
Lightweight bionic zaps muscles to help you walk longer, faster 
The AI-powered Neural Sleeve electrically stimulates the leg muscles to help people with mobility issues walk faster and longer.
What ever happened to the first cryogenically frozen humans? 
For decades, people have arranged to freeze their bodies after death, dreaming of resurrection by advanced future medicine.
ivg treatment
Inside the lab creating human eggs from scratchWatch
“In a 50 year timeframe this could become the default way that people choose to have children.”
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AI is shaping our society and will continue to do so in ways we can’t yet imagine. How do we leverage this technology to better humanity and not harm it?

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targeted pain relief
This implant cools off nerves to give targeted pain relief 
A tiny implant that wraps around nerves and cools them to deliver targeted pain relief could help address the opioid crisis.
human limb regeneration
New discoveries are rewriting the rulebook for regenerating limbs 
Human limb regeneration is closer to reality thanks to new studies that refine our understanding of what mammals need to regrow body parts.
An old HIV drug may treat Down syndrome 
A common HIV drug could potentially be a Down syndrome treatment, improving cognition in mouse models of the condition.
sober morning raves
How Daybreaker turned “sober morning raves” into a worldwide movement
What started as a side project among friends quickly grew into a multimillion-dollar business.
How child mortality fell from 40% to 3.7% in 200 years 
The collapse in child mortality rates is a testament to the tremendous benefits of scientific, technological, and economic progress.
Biohacking In Action
Series | Biohackers

I got a chip implanted in a biohacking garage

Underground “biohackers” are enhancing their bodies with tech implants. Freethink Director Chase Pipkin decided to try it out.

Series | Biohackers

I got a chip implanted in a biohacking garage

Biohacking and the Arts
Series | Biohackers
The cyborg artist who hears color6:13
Neil Harbisson was born colorblind. Now he has an antenna implant in his skill to hear color and create beautiful works of art.
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First person cured of type 1 diabetes thanks to stem cells
How music can rewire the brain after an injury
Scientists relieve depression with magnetic brain stimulation
A brain implant lets a blind person see again — without using their eyes
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First-ever: drone delivers lungs for transplant
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