Are weight-loss meds the next wonder drugs?
Evidence is mounting that GLP-1 agonists could treat many health issues — including ones that aren’t obviously related to weight.
Weight-loss drug reduces cravings for opioids in small study
A first-of-its-kind trial found that GLP-1 agonists, a popular kind of weight-loss drug, could help people overcome their opioid cravings.
Popular weight-loss drugs show promise as addiction treatments
New trials will test the ability of GLP-1 agonists, a popular class of weight-loss drugs, to help people beat addictions to drugs and alcohol.
Extreme treatment for alcoholism slashes drinking by 90% in monkeys
An in-development treatment for alcoholism dramatically reduced consumption in monkeys that previously drank heavily.
“Digital detoxes” don’t work. Try these 4 skills instead
Digital distractions have become a ubiquitous part of work and life. But these distractions begin with emotional discomfort.
This $1 pill cuts binge drinking
Naltrexone, a medication that costs less than $1 per dose, helped people cut back on their binge drinking in a small study
New fentanyl vaccine could help avoid relapses and overdoses
An in-development fentanyl vaccine that prevents the drug from entering the brain could one day help people avoid relapsing or overdosing.
Cheap blood pressure med could help treat alcoholism
Spironolactone, a cheap medication used to treat high blood pressure, might also be able to help people overcome alcohol use disorder.
Monkeys’ alcohol consumption drops 50% after hormone therapy
Heavy-drinking monkeys cut their alcohol consumption by 50% after researchers treated them with a hormone called “FGF21.”
Ketamine therapy may help former drinkers stay abstinent 
A new study has found evidence that ketamine, combined with therapy, can help people with alcohol addiction abstain longer.
Trial of opioid vaccine launches in US
An opioid vaccine that prevents people with opioid use disorder from feeling “high” when they take oxycodone is moving to human trials.
First-of-its-kind pilot study uses MDMA for alcohol addiction
A small, first-of-its-kind study has piloted the use of MDMA for alcohol addiction therapy.
Tweaked psychedelic drug could treat addiction, depression 
A modified ibogaine molecule could be a safer and more accessible treatment for addiction and depression than the psychedelic drug in its natural state.
FDA: Smokeless cigarettes produce less harmful chemicals
FDA clears Philip Morris to market its smokeless cigarettes as modified risk tobacco products, which could benefit smokers battling a nicotine addiction.
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Staying sober in quarantine
In partnership with Stand Together
Isolation can be especially difficult for recovering addicts, so this sober active community is hosting virtual fitness classes for free.
Safe injection sites are legal, US court rules
A U.S. judge has ruled that safe injection sites, places where users can consume drugs under medical supervision, don’t violate federal drug laws.
Ibogaine: The psychedelic cure?
Ibogaine, an African psychedelic drug which comes from the iboga plant, is used for both religious rites and drug addiction treatment.
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Rethinking addiction recovery with fitness
In partnership with Stand Together
As drug overdose deaths climb higher, this gym is challenging the thinking behind traditional models for addiction recovery services with free memberships open to anyone sober for at least 48 hours.
We may have found a drug to curb meth addiction
Meth addiction is on the rise, so this team of researchers is working to develop the first FDA-approved medication to treat the use disorder.
Shedding the stigma of substance use
In partnership with Stand Together
By achieving fitness goals together, The Phoenix community is peeling off the shame, regret, and stigma often associated with addiction.
Addict-turned-neuroscientist on addiction and the brain
In our interview with neuroscientist Judith Grisel, she discusses the state of research on addiction and the brain, as well as society’s view of addicts.
This week in ideas: Fighting addiction with implants, using VR to educate, Amazon Prime gets primer
An arm implant to treat opioid addiction, teaching hair stylists with VR, and a potential Amazon Prime game changer.