ai tools
New AI “engines” can read and understand on multiple levels
Primer’s new AI tools are expert readers, capable of analyzing long bodies of text far faster — and more accurately — than humans can.
ai prediction
TV shows train AI to predict human behavior
Algorithms are learning to guess what you'll do next by analyzing shows like "The Office."
predict suicide attempts
Can AI cameras predict suicide attempts at bridges?
Seoul is deploying an AI-powered camera system designed to predict suicide attempts at bridges and send rescuers to help people in distress.
toyota's cleaning robot
Toyota’s cleaning robot shows off its new skills
Toyota’s cleaning robot has demonstrated new skills, revealing an ability to detect clear objects and snap perfect selfies.
mcdonalds ai drive thru attendants
McDonald’s is replacing human drive-thru attendants with AI
McDonald's just rolled out a voice recognition system at 10 drive-thrus in Chicago.
AI negotiation
Can AI negotiate? Walmart is betting on it
AI startup Pactum is trying to save big companies millions with AI negotiation.
drug discovery
This high schooler created a drug discovery search engine
While looking for drugs to potentially fight Alzheimer’s, a high school researcher's AI did “comically” bad, until he thought of it as a search engine.
smart farm
"Hands-free" smart farm will replace laborers with robots
At a smart farm in Australia, robots and AI will do all the manual labor, potentially foreshadowing agriculture’s "hands-free" future.
AI in sports
Liverpool and DeepMind are bringing AI to the beautiful game
AI in sports has taken off in recent years. Now, Liverpool and DeepMind are teaming up to see how AI may impact the world’s most popular sport.
ai detects sarcasm
Using deep learning to detect sarcasm
Can we teach AI sarcasm? Should we?
AI dubbing
AI dubbing can make actors appear to speak any language
A new AI dubbing tech called TrueSync matches actors’ mouths with recorded dialogue to make watching a movie in an unknown language feel less jarring.
3d video chat
Google unveils “magic window” for 3D video chat
Google’s Project Starline is a new 3D video chat technology designed to make online communication feel more like real life.
self-driving tractor
The world’s first fully electric, self-driving tractor
Monarch Tractor’s all-electric, self-driving tractor could save farmers money, while also benefiting the environment.
ai predict dementia
Using machine learning to detect dementia in older drivers
Researchers build AI to predict dementia and mild cognitive impairment in older drivers based on driving data.
digital twin
You can now live forever. (Your AI-powered twin, that is).
Mind Bank Ai wants to create a “personal digital twin” of you to forever be around. Is AI eternity around the corner?
deepfake geography
Can we stop “deepfake geography”?
To highlight the problem of “deepfake geography,” University of Washington researchers built AIs to create and detect the fake satellite images.
robot's thought process
We can now hear an AI robot’s thought process
This robot’s thought process isn’t a secret — researchers gave the AI the ability to share its internal monologue with humans.
ingenuity helicopter
NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter just flew on Mars
NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has made history on Mars, achieving the first controlled flight on another planet.
robot legs
These robot legs taught themselves to walk
A pair of robot legs were able to teach themselves to walk thanks to a unique twist on reinforcement learning, a common AI training technique.
lost art
AI reconstructs lost art painted over by Picasso
You can now buy a reconstructed piece of lost art discovered lurking beneath a famous Picasso painting.
Phone Cameras Measure Pulse Breathing
Phone cameras can now measure your pulse and breathing
A team of researchers has developed an algorithm to measure pulse and respiration rate during a telehealth appointment using your device’s camera.
military robot
Robot dog helps military students “survive” combat training
A military school recently used Spot, a robot dog developed by Boston Dynamics, during combat training exercises.
food waste solutions
Ex-Walmart employee aims to solve America’s food waste problem with AI
Food waste makes up nearly a quarter of landfill material. A new startup aims to change that by automating the process of trucking produce with artificial intelligence.
warehouse robot
Boston Dynamics unveils a new robot: Stretch
Boston Dynamics’ second commercial offering is a warehouse robot named Stretch that can lift and move 800, 50-pound boxes every hour.
map brain activity
AI uses sound waves to read the minds of monkeys
Functional ultrasound tech can be used to map the brain activity of monkeys, suggesting it might be useful for future brain-machine interfaces.
AI debater
IBM’s AI debater could help you make better decisions
IBM’s Project Debater is trained to quickly craft well-researched arguments — and the AI debater could one day improve your decision making.
AI backpack
AI backpack “sees” for visually impaired people
An AI backpack powered by Intel technology “sees” for visually impaired people, letting them know about any potential obstacles in their path.
Digital Twin
This startup can make a digital twin of anyone
In just a few minutes, Hour One can produce a digital twin of anyone, capturing their likeness, expressions, and voice. 
ai painting
Watch Japan’s latest robot painter in action
For SXSW’s AI Painting Project, a robot arm was trained to generate paintings based on given concepts and using a limited number of brushstrokes.
how to spot a deepfake
How to spot a deepfake? It’s all in the eyes.
University at Buffalo researchers have created a tool capable of spotting deepfakes with 94% accuracy. The secret’s in the eyes.
americas cup ai
How artificial intelligence won the America’s cup
Emirates Team New Zealand designed one of the fastest America's Cup boats with the help of artificial intelligence.
NFT sophia the robot
Sophia the Robot joins NFT frenzy
Sophia the robot has created digital art that will be linked to an NFT and sold — making her the latest to join the art world’s current craze.
Quadruped Robot
Quadruped robot can break a leg and keep going
Dyret is a shape-shifting quadruped robot that can change the length of its legs. This helps it walk across different terrains or account for any injuries.
make holograms
MIT’s new AI can make holograms in real-time
MIT trained an AI to generate photorealistic holograms in milliseconds using just the processing power of a smartphone.
heart rhythm monitor
New AI turns a smart speaker into a heart rhythm monitor
University of Washington researchers have transformed a smart speaker into a contactless heart rhythm monitor.
athlete tracking
NFL hopefuls train with sensor-free athlete tracking tech
Intel’s new athlete tracking platform, 3DAT, can deliver performance insights without the use of potentially cumbersome sensors.
deepfake tool
How to deepfake your grandparents' old photos
A new deepfake tool called Deep Nostalgia generates brief animations of faces in still photographs, breathing life into people’s old family portraits.
tom cruise deep fake
Tom Cruise deepfake is the work of a pro VFX artist
The Tom Cruise deepfake featured in a series of TikToks that went viral was created by a professional VFX artist.
futuristic city
Futuristic city will be a testbed for robots & autonomous cars
Toyota has broken ground on Woven City, a futuristic city prototype where the technologies of tomorrow can be tested en masse.
chess AI
Meet the chess AI you might actually beat
Maia is a chess AI designed to play like you, not crush you. Predicting the most human decisions may pave the way for AI to train and work with us.
intelligent material
New intelligent material could become a “quantum brain”
Scientists created an intelligent material that acts as a brain by physically changing when it learns. This is an important step toward achieving a "quantum brain.”
experience synesthesia
New Google tool lets you experience synesthesia
Google’s new online tool lets you experience synesthesia like the abstract artist Vasily Kandinsky, who could hear colors and see sounds.
virtual patients
Virtual patients help doctors improve bedside manner
The Virti platform lets doctors and med students interact with computer-generated virtual patients so they can improve their bedside manner.
artificial genomes
“This DNA is not real”: Why scientists are deepfaking the human genome
Researchers taught an AI to make artificial genomes, which could advance genetic research without compromising the privacy of individuals.
vince lombardi super bowl ad
AI brings Vince Lombardi back to life for Super Bowl ad
Using face-swapping AI, the NFL has created a Super Bowl ad in which iconic coach Vince Lombardi delivers a message of unity 50 years after his death.
Lyme disease spread
Predicting which birds can cause Lyme disease spread
Lyme disease spreads via infected ticks, some of whom pick it up from birds. But which birds may carry the disease to new places?
sophia the robot
Sophia the Robot will be mass-produced this year
Hanson Robotics is going to begin mass-producing Sophia the robot in 2021, making the social robot available to help combat the pandemic.
craters on Mars
An AI has discovered new craters on Mars
An AI trained to spot signs of fresh craters on Mars in photos of the Martian surface has already discovered dozens of new impacts.
cancer diagnosis from urine
AI makes nearly 100% accurate cancer diagnosis from urine
A new AI-based technique can make a nearly 100% accurate prostate cancer diagnosis from a urine sample, potentially saving patients from unneeded biopsies.
Autonomous trucks
Autonomous trucks are taking to the highways
Self-driving cars get all the love, but autonomous trucks are already hitting the road, with a “driver-out” demonstration scheduled for 2021.
robot displays empathy
One robot was able to watch another bot and predict its actions
A Columbia University study suggests that empathy between robots may be possible — and the skill could make the bots more useful to humans.
foot drop
Nerve-stimulator helps people walk after MS and strokes
The EvoWalk wearable uses electrical stimulation, sensors, and AI to combat foot drop, a condition commonly linked to MS and strokes.
drawing ai
New AI can draw pictures, inching closer to humanlike smarts
OpenAI's two new machine learning algorithms improve computer vision and can use text cues to draw unique and often offbeat images.
recycling robot
Recycling robot keeps waste out of landfills
AMP Robotics has developed a recycling robot that uses AI to sort recyclables twice as quickly as humans can.
generative adversarial networks
Physicists are starting to harness the power of deepfakes
Generative adversarial networks are the scary AI producing deepfakes. But they have other uses too, and physicists are starting to harness their power.
what is a deepfake
Just how are deepfakes made, anyway?
Capable of creating incredibly realistic false data — most infamously of famous people — deepfakes are a powerful tool.
neuromorphic computing
New optical sensor imitates the human eye
Researchers have created an optical sensor, designed to mimic the human eye. The team says this is a major breakthrough in neuromorphic computing
robot dog
NASA scientists want to send this robot dog to Mars
A modified version of Boston Dynamics' robot dog Spot could be the ideal Mars rover for exploring caves and other underground structures.
genetic counseling
These chatbots provide genetic counseling services
Genetic counseling services are in high demand. Now, chatbots are providing some of those services, helping patients navigate DNA testing.
future of AI
How to protect our future (when AI gets too smart)
The future of AI looks promising, but it doesn’t come without risks. How can we keep the technology in check, before it outsmarts us?
deep learning vs machine learning
Deep learning vs. machine learning: Explained
Deep learning vs. machine learning AI: what’s the difference?
ai military jet
An AI co-pilots a military jet for the first time
On December 16, 2020, the Air Force flew an AI co-pilot on a U-2 spy plane. This is the first time that the Air Force completed a military flight with AI.
robot dogs
Robot dogs are being deployed at a US military base
Four robot dogs are heading to a Florida Air Force base to serve as security patrol, marking the U.S. military’s first full-time deployment of a robot dog.
heads up display
Heads up display lets firefighters see through smoke
Qwake Technologies’ C-Thru is a heads up display that combines AI, augmented reality, and thermal imaging to help firefighters battle blazes.
ai navigation system
AI navigation system teaches itself to steer internet balloons
Loon is using a new AI navigation system trained via reinforcement learning to control its fleet of internet-beaming balloons in Kenya.
robot design
MIT built an AI to design robots
MIT has developed an AI capable of robot design — all you need to do is tell RoboGrammar the bot’s goal and the available body parts.
ai counts trees
Ai discovers billions of new trees from space
Researchers are using artificial intelligence and a supercomputer to count all the trees on the planet, via imaging from space.
protein structures
DeepMind AI cracks the code of protein structures
A protein’s structure is crucial to its function. Predicting how a protein will fold was a challenge decades in the making — and answered by DeepMind.
at-home breast cancer screening
At-home breast cancer screening, powered by AI
An award-winning at-home breast cancer screening device, called the Blue Box, could one day replace uncomfortable mammograms.
tree canopy lab
Google’s Tree Canopy Lab is helping LA cool down
Google’s new Tree Canopy Lab uses AI and aerial photography to combat the urban heat island effect by showing a city exactly where it could use more trees.
nightmare disorder app
Stopping nightmare disorder with a prescription-only watch
A prescription-only watch that treats nightmare disorder is the latest in a growing subset of health technologies called prescription digital therapeutics.
ai fighter jet
Human battles AI fighter jet in first man vs. machine test flight
Daniel Robinson, a veteran F-22 pilot, flew a real aircraft and battled an AI virtual fighter in a world's first.
Asymptomatic COVID-19 Infections
Cough-analyzing AI detects asymptomatic COVID-19 infections
MIT has developed an AI that can detect asymptomatic COVID-19 infections from the sound of a person’s forced-cough with incredible accuracy.
deepfakes in sassy justice
Deepfakes shine in South Park creators’ new show
The creators of South Park have released a web show, Sassy Justice, that makes use of incredibly realistic deepfakes.
reinforcement learning robots
If you train robots like dogs, they learn faster
The dog-inspired SPOT framework effectively trains an AI robot more quickly than other reinforcement learning methods.
Lost Languages
Bringing lost languages back to life with AI
An algorithm that can identify the closest living relatives of lost languages could help linguists unlock the meaning of ancient texts.
Robot Lawyer
Robot lawyer helps people connect with incarcerated loved ones
DoNotPay’s robot lawyer can now help people write and send letters to inmates without worrying about violating a facility’s mail rules.
Robot Cook
Robot cook could help restaurants recover from COVID-19
Miso Robotics is making Flippy ROAR available for $30,000 in the hopes the robot cook will help the restaurant industry recover from the pandemic.
driverless cars
Waymo's driverless car service opens to the public
Waymo One has relaunched, and this time, all users can ride in cars without safety drivers.
Cleaning Robot
Toyota unveils Spiderman-like home cleaning robot
Toyota built a cleaning robot that descends from a kitchen's ceiling as an example of the kind of tech that might one day support Earth’s aging population.
VR Movie
New VR movie lets you play god to a planet of AIs
In the new VR movie “Agence,” artificially intelligent characters respond to the actions of the viewer in unpredictable ways.
urban planning
Minecraft’s urban planning AI could help design future cities
AIs design entire settlements in an annual Minecraft competition that could reveal uses for the tech in real-world urban planning.
artificial neural network
Google built a neural network to warn ships of whales. will it help?
Google introduced an artificial neural network that can locate whales in the ocean. They want to use it to keep the animals safe from ships.
robot boat
Meet the Mayflower, the robot boat crossing the Atlantic in 2021
The new Mayflower, set to traverse the Atlantic in 2021, won’t bear any pilgrims. It’s a robot boat, sailing sailor-free.
Underwater robots may be the future of deep sea mining
Tech requires raw material, and some lays at the bottom of the sea. Could underwater robots be the future of deep sea mining?
Placenta Exam
AI that predicts pregnancy complication could save lives
By predicting future preeclampsia risk, the AI might save the lives of mothers and their babies.
Drone Delivery
Amazon drone delivery gets approval to launch from FAA
Prime Air, Amazon’s drone delivery service, has secured a key FAA certification, clearing it for the next phase of testing in the U.S.
COVID-19 Drug Development
Robots are running COVID-19 drug development
IBM’s new online platform, RoboRXN, combines artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and robotics to automate the COVID-19 drug development process.
Neuralink Brain Implant
Elon Musk: Neuralink brain implant detects pigs' movements
During a livestream, CEO Elon Musk presented the latest Neuralink brain implant, as well as what he claimed were several pig recipients of the device.
Home Robot
Training a home robot to see — and hear
Facebook's AI lab has released new tools for its embodied AI training platform, including one to train a home robot to respond to sounds.
smart farm equipment
Smart farm equipment can spot weeds among crops
Facebook’s facial recognition AI will turn ordinary farm equipment into precision agriculture machines by training it to spot the weeds among the crops.
Detect Diabetes
Using smartphone cameras to detect diabetes
A new algorithm can detect diabetes using data collected by a smartphone’s camera, offering a way to address the problem of undiagnosed diabetes.
smart Traffic Lights
Smart traffic lights ease congestion on city streets
Smart traffic lights by startup NoTraffic use AI to improve the flow of traffic in cities, minimizing carbon emissions and delays for first responders.
Force Plate
AI force plate prevents injuries by predicting them
Sparta Science has developed an AI-powered force plate system that prevents injuries among athletes and soldiers by predicting their likelihood.
smart robot
A humanlike brain means this smart robot can see, feel, and think
A smart robot that uses neuromorphic computing, may one day “think” like humans.
emotion ai
Robots can read your p-p-p-poker face
Emotion-detecting technology could be the next frontier of personalization. But what does this mean for privacy?
Distracted Driving
“Touchless touchscreen” could reduce distracted driving
New “predictive touch” tech could help prevent distracted driving by limiting the amount of time drivers spend interacting with vehicle displays.
language generator
The most impressive language generator yet
OpenAI’s GPT-3 is currently the talk of Twitter. The powerful language generator is writing everything from sci-fi to code.
End-of-life AI
End-of-life and palliative care discussions with patients are crucial but difficult. Can AI help?
ai models for diagnosing covid-19
Should we be using AI models for diagnosing COVID-19?
Researchers are training algorithms to help predict the severity of COVID-19. But is AI ready for COVID-19?