robot manicure
Target is now offering the world’s first “robot manicure”
A robot that uses AI and 3D cameras to paint fingernails is now giving Target customers 10-minute manicures for just $8.
Meta can (kinda) guess what you’ve heard via your brain waves
Meta has created an AI that can tell what you’re hearing based on non-invasive brain scan measurements.
lvef echonet
First-of-its-kind trial shows AI beat humans at analyzing heart scans
Echonet, an AI trained to assess a measure of heart function, has outperformed trained technicians in both accuracy and efficiency.
How AI could learn from Aesop’s fables
When USC researchers tried to teach an AI simple fables, they discovered that the process is a lot harder than it sounds.
On the road to autonomous cars, driver fatigue will be a problem
New research from Waymo points the way to overcoming driver fatigue in cars that are almost — but not quite — self-driving.
ai microchip
Stanford’s new microchip could put powerful AI on your devices
A Stanford-led team has developed a new microchip that could let us run advanced AI programs directly on our devices.
A sepsis-catching AI has proven effective in hospitals
A new AI for spotting sepsis, which accounts for ⅓ of hospital deaths, was found to be effective in a large trial.
New algorithm aces university math course questions
Researchers use machine learning to automatically solve, explain, and generate university-level math problems at a human level.
Free Lyft robotaxis are hitting Las Vegas
Motional and Lyft are now offering robotaxi rides in Las Vegas.
text to image ai
Text-to-image AIs are changing art forever
Text-to-image AIs that draw whatever you describe in text are making it easy for anyone to create unique art online.
The Singularity: When will we all become super-humans?
Are we really only a moment away from "The Singularity," a technological epoch that will usher in a new era in human evolution?
MIT’s new algorithm for self-driving cars is open-source
MIT scientists unveil the first open-source simulation engine capable of constructing realistic environments for autonomous vehicles.
We can train surgeons like fighter pilots
Using AI and analysis, Theator is helping surgeons improve how pilots and pro athletes do: by going to the tape.
This little robot is cleaning up beaches, one cigarette butt at a time
Robot litter picker, the BeachBot, uses artificial intelligence to detect trash like cigarette butts and help clean up beaches.
Engineers build LEGO-like artificial intelligence chip
Engineers have created an AI chip with alternating layers of sensing and processing elements that can communicate with each other.
A celebrated AI has learned a new trick: How to do chemistry
We had a challenging question for the AI AlphaFold – had its structural training set taught it some chemistry?
boosting crop yield
How artificial intelligence is boosting crop yield to feed the world
The Gene Ranking Artificial Intelligence Network (GRAIN) identifies genes that act at a fundamental level in crop metabolism.
How to be a techno-optimist
Technology will not save the world, and it is inherently neither good nor bad. But, when tech is coupled to human virtue, good will prevail.
underwater garden
Dive into the world’s first underwater garden
An underwater garden off the coast of Italy is introducing the world to a new type of sustainable agriculture.
Google has not created sentient AI — yet
Google can make AI seem sentient, but the AI has no understanding of what it is saying. But humans are easily fooled by conversational AI.
autonomous ships
Hyundai’s autonomous ship is the first to make a transoceanic journey
Autonomous ships like the Prism Courage could make the seas safer, while also making shipping cleaner and more efficient.
Is our world ready for mind-controllable robotic body parts?
Advanced neuroprosthetics are here, and they could hook our brains into the Internet of Things.
facial recognition
How facial recognition is identifying human trafficking victims
The technology is enabling law enforcement to shine a light on the darkest corners of the open internet.
Ancient creatures inspire record-breaking new technology
Inspired by the ancient compound eyes of the trilobite, researchers have created a record-breaking camera with a depth of field of just over a mile.
robot simulator
DeepMind’s pricey robot simulator is now available for free
AI research lab ​​DeepMind, a sister company of Google, has purchased and open-sourced the powerful robot simulator MuJoCo.
Google Maps’ “Immersive View” shows cities in a whole new way
Combining satellite and Street View images, Google Maps’ “immersive view” will let you explore select neighborhoods soon.
Watch John McEnroe take on past versions of himself on the court
Thanks to AI, digital avatars, and robotic cannons, John McEnroe is taking on his toughest opponent: himself.
Kendrick Lamar deepfake music video
Kendrick Lamar deepfakes made by South Park creators’ studio
Rapper Kendrick Lamar harnesses the artistic power of deepfake technology in the new music video for his song “The Heart Part 5.”
This company wants you to live forever in their metaverse
Metaverse company Somnium Space wants to create digital versions of you to live on after you pass, the newest example of digitized death-defying.
animal behavior
AI can now understand animal behavior
Animal behavior researchers can now turn the task of analyzing footage over to an open-source algorithm that can spot even subtle actions.
trustworthy AI
How to tell if you can trust an AI
MIT has developed a new method for quickly and easily evaluating machine learning decisions, which could help us build trustworthy AI.
People trust AI fake faces more than real ones, research suggests
Fake faces created by artificial intelligence (AI) are considered more trustworthy than images of real people, a study finds.
Here’s what full-color night vision looks like now
Researchers at UC Irvine have created a proof-of-concept AI that can take night vision images and accurately turn them into full color.
Does this artificial intelligence think like a human?
A new technique compares the reasoning of a machine-learning model to that of a human, so the user can see patterns in the model’s behavior.
The age of the autonomous forklift is here
Facing a skilled labor crunch, companies are turning to autonomous forklift fleets for a safer, faster, more efficient work environment.
counterfeit whiskey
Could you sniff out counterfeit whiskey?
An “electronic nose” that can accurately identify a whiskey’s brand, region, and style could help combat the sale of counterfeit whiskey.
The subtle art of language: why artificial general intelligence might be impossible
Until robots understand jokes and sarcasm, artificial general intelligence will remain in the realm of science fiction.
From drugs to chemical weapons with a flip of an AI switch
AI drug discovery models can be repurposed to darker ends — instead of discovering new treatments, they could create thousands of brand new chemical weapons.
Giant cyborg cockroach could be the best search-and-rescue bot
The cyborg cockroaches are outfitted with sensors that can identify heat, carbon dioxide, and body movements.
This bird-like drone can perch on branches, catch objects
Inspired by birds' perching abilities, researchers developed a drone with a bird-like structure that can land on a wide array of objects.
How AI is shaping the cybersecurity arms race
Defending against cyberattacks increasingly means looking for patterns in large amounts of data – a task AI was made for.
driverless cars
Steering wheels now optional for driverless cars in US
Driverless cars no longer need to have manual controls, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s safety standards.
level 5 autonomy
Oculus exec bets $10,000 we’ll have fully autonomous cars by 2030
An Oculus exec has publicly bet $10,000 that vehicles with Level 5 autonomy will arrive on city streets by 2030.
Self-driving cars could transform the world in unexpected ways
Self-driving cars could impact the future of economics, equity, privacy, and city planning.
First AI controls plasma inside fusion reactor
DeepMind has co-developed an AI capable of controlling the super-hot plasma inside a tokamak fusion reactor.
self-driving car
GM asks to deploy self-driving car with no steering wheel
GM and Cruise have asked the NHTSA for permission to build and deploy their Cruise Origin, a self-driving car with no steering wheel.
cargo drones
Huge cargo drones could soon move goods across the globe
Natilus is developing huge autonomous cargo drones that could cut the cost of air freight by 60% and reduce its carbon emissions by 50%.
companion robots
Robot kid successfully conveys six emotions on its face
An android child capable of expressing six emotions puts us one step closer to a future in which we share our homes with companion robots.
black hawk helicopter
Autonomous Black Hawk helicopter flies without a crew
The U.S. Army has given a Black Hawk helicopter the ability to complete an autonomous flight without any humans on board.
Robot dog
Robot dogs are hiking the Alps and preparing for space
A robot dog reached the summit of an Alps trail more quickly than the average human — and the mechanical K9s are just getting started.
warehouse robots
Boston Dynamics’ warehouse robots are taking over
DHL Supply Chain is paying Boston Dynamics $15 million for a fleet of its autonomous warehouse robots, which can each move 800 boxes/hour.
freight trains
Former SpaceX engineers to turn freight trains into autonomous EVs
Three former SpaceX engineers have launched a startup to replace traditional freight trains with autonomous, battery-powered railcars.
delivery robots
Delivery robots get airbags to protect you in case of collision
Autonomous vehicle maker Nuro has added external airbags to its autonomous delivery robots to protect pedestrians.
personal robot
New personal robot carries stuff around your house
A personal robot that carries items between different parts of a home is helping people with mobility issues live more independently.
airless tires
Goodyear puts airless tires on Starship delivery robots
Goodyear’s airless tires are now being used by a fleet of Starship's autonomous delivery robots on a college campus in the U.S.
autonomous tractor
John Deere unveils its first fully autonomous tractor
John Deere has just debuted an autonomous tractor it plans to sell in 2022 — bringing the self-driving tech into the mainstream.
Chatting with my own HereAfter
HereAfter AI’s Legacy Avatar is an AI-powered digital twin. But what’s it like to talk to yourself?
This robotics lab wants to develop the dream surgery
Chicago’s Surgical Innovation Training Lab is developing the robots, surgeons, and digital surgeries of the future.
Passing the Turing Test: AI creates human-like text
Natural language processing tools are growing increasingly sophisticated, and OpenAI's GPT-3 just might fool you in a conversation.
food insecure seniors
Autonomous Ford delivers produce, milk to food insecure seniors
An autonomous shuttle developed by Ford delivers fresh produce and milk to food insecure seniors in Detroit as part of a new pilot program.
micro camera
New salt-grain sized micro camera takes images on par with a full size camera’s
Researchers have created a salt-grain sized micro camera capable of taking images almost on par with a regular camera.
What’s so wrong about sexbots?
These sexbots remember that you are 32 years old, and you like sushi, except on Thursdays — and they can teach us a lot about coexisting with AI.
AI art
AI artist Botto has made its first million
AI artist Botto, which hones its taste via a human community, has made a splash in the art market, going from NFTs to Miami.
AI art
AI creates realistic pictures from pure text
NVIDIA’s new AI can translate text into images.
text to code
AI can translate normal written text to code
Codex, from OpenAI, can turn normal, conversational commands into programming, taking text to code.
accent translator
Startup breaks through “accent barrier” with real-time translator
Three Stanford students have launched Sanas, a startup developing the world’s first real-time speech accent translator.
Immersive technology will revolutionize our daily life
Extended reality technologies are quickly becoming better and cheaper, suggesting they may soon become part of daily life.
AI reveals that the Sahara actually has 1.8 billion trees and shrubs
AI analysis of satellite images sees trees and shrubs where human eyes can't.
A decentralized web 3.0 could lead to more innovation and privacy controls
When middlemen are removed, whole new business models and innovations can emerge.
It’s hard to give AI common sense, but we’re making progress
There's still no telling whether machine-learned common sense is five years away, or 50.
drug discovery
DeepMind’s AI lights path to faster drug development
Alphabet has announced the launch of Isomorphic Labs, an AI-driven drug discovery company built on research from its DeepMind subsidiary.
autonomous race cars
Autonomous race cars compete for $1 million prize
Autonomous race cars sped around a world-famous track in pursuit of a $1 million prize during the Indy Autonomous Challenge.
supply chains
Can digital twins solve our supply chain problems?
Supply chains around the world are feeling the strain of COVID-19. Are AI-powered, highly detailed “digital twins” the key to a smoother future?
autonomous train
Germany unveils first-of-its-kind autonomous train
A new system that turns a standard electric metro train into a more efficient, higher-capacity autonomous train has debuted in Germany.
walking robot
Caltech’s walking robot can also fly and skateboard
Caltech's new bipedal walking robot can fly to get around obstacles, and it's steady enough on its feet to skateboard or slackline.
AI is helping cars spot potholes
Researchers have developed an AI system that allows cars to spot potholes.
AI Avatars
AI avatars bring deepfakes to the business world
A financial consulting firm has created AI avatars of its staff that can be used to quickly create deepfakes for presentations and more.
prosthetic arm
Series | Challengers
26-year-old builds $8,000 mind-controlled bionic arms
Bionic arms used to cost $80,000. Now, a young engineer has lowered the cost by over 90%.
general AI
DeepMind’s virtual playground suggests path to general AI
DeepMind’s virtual playground, XLand, could help create general AI by overcoming the problem of insufficient training data.
bipedal robot
Bipedal robot completes 5K after learning to run
Agility Robotics’ Cassie just became the first bipedal robot to complete an outdoor 5K run, completing the jaunt on a single charge.
protein structure
DeepMind releases massive protein structure database
DeepMind is releasing a massive database of protein structure predictions that includes all the molecules in the human proteome.
ai tools
New AI “engines” can read and understand on multiple levels
Primer’s new AI tools are expert readers, capable of analyzing long bodies of text far faster — and more accurately — than humans can.
ai prediction
TV shows train AI to predict human behavior
Algorithms are learning to guess what you'll do next by analyzing shows like "The Office."
predict suicide attempts
Can AI cameras predict suicide attempts at bridges?
Seoul is deploying an AI-powered camera system designed to predict suicide attempts at bridges and send rescuers to help people in distress.
toyota's cleaning robot
Toyota’s cleaning robot shows off its new skills
Toyota’s cleaning robot has demonstrated new skills, revealing an ability to detect clear objects and snap perfect selfies.
mcdonalds ai drive thru attendants
McDonald’s is replacing human drive-thru attendants with AI
McDonald's just rolled out a voice recognition system at 10 drive-thrus in Chicago.
AI negotiation
Can AI negotiate? Walmart is betting on it
AI startup Pactum is trying to save big companies millions with AI negotiation.
drug discovery
This high schooler created a drug discovery search engine
While looking for drugs to potentially fight Alzheimer’s, a high school researcher's AI did “comically” bad, until he thought of it as a search engine.
smart farm
"Hands-free" smart farm will replace laborers with robots
At a smart farm in Australia, robots and AI will do all the manual labor, potentially foreshadowing agriculture’s "hands-free" future.
AI in sports
Liverpool and DeepMind are bringing AI to the beautiful game
AI in sports has taken off in recent years. Now, Liverpool and DeepMind are teaming up to see how AI may impact the world’s most popular sport.
ai detects sarcasm
Using deep learning to detect sarcasm
Can we teach AI sarcasm? Should we?
AI dubbing
AI dubbing can make actors appear to speak any language
A new AI dubbing tech called TrueSync matches actors’ mouths with recorded dialogue to make watching a movie in an unknown language feel less jarring.
3d video chat
Google unveils “magic window” for 3D video chat
Google’s Project Starline is a new 3D video chat technology designed to make online communication feel more like real life.
self-driving tractor
The world’s first fully electric, self-driving tractor
Monarch Tractor’s all-electric, self-driving tractor could save farmers money, while also benefiting the environment.
ai predict dementia
Using machine learning to detect dementia in older drivers
Researchers build AI to predict dementia and mild cognitive impairment in older drivers based on driving data.
digital twin
You can now live forever. (Your AI-powered twin, that is).
Mind Bank Ai wants to create a “personal digital twin” of you to forever be around. Is AI eternity around the corner?
deepfake geography
Can we stop “deepfake geography”?
To highlight the problem of “deepfake geography,” University of Washington researchers built AIs to create and detect the fake satellite images.
farming robot
Farming robot kills 100,000 weeds per hour with lasers
Carbon Robotics’ Autonomous Weeder is a smart farming robot that identifies weeds and then kills them using high-power lasers.
robot's thought process
We can now hear an AI robot’s thought process
This robot’s thought process isn’t a secret — researchers gave the AI the ability to share its internal monologue with humans.
ingenuity helicopter
NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter just flew on Mars
NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has made history on Mars, achieving the first controlled flight on another planet.