Where next for crypto and the evolution of blockchains?
The new book "Data Money: Inside Cryptocurrencies, Their Communities, Markets, and Blockchains" explores how crypto is made and traded.
Inside the crypto black markets of Argentina
Argentina’s black market for cash is embracing crypto — but it's not what crypto proponents expected.
Behind the crypto hype is an ideology of social change
Unlike technology enthusiasts or crypto marketers, “true bitcoiners” didn’t talk about technology, but trust and corruption.
Blockchain experts are funding research that Big Pharma won't 
Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) use smart contracts on blockchains to change how scientific research is funded and shared.
DAO raises millions of dollars in crypto to support Ukraine 
A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) has raised $7 million in crypto for Ukraine, demonstrating a new model for charity and more.
NFTs are extending the life of street art 
To extend the life of their street art, creators are linking them to NFTs that can then live on the blockchain in perpetuity.
Web 3.0 vs. the metaverse: What’s the difference? 
Web 3.0 and the metaverse both describe the internet of the future, but they aren’t the same thing — this is your guide to each.
Can we get blockchains to talk to each other? 
Blockchains do more than crypto; logistics, contracts, and more use the tech. But there’s a problem: blockchain communication is still difficult.
AI artist Botto has made its first million
AI artist Botto, which hones its taste via a human community, has made a splash in the art market, going from NFTs to Miami.
Fashion, art, and games: here’s what a decentralized metaverse could mean
The idea of the metaverse has gone from the realm of science fiction to the latest business model of major companies from Facebook to Nike.
Apes and NFTs run the first metaverse music group 
Universal Music Group has just "signed" KINGSHIP, a band of four NFTs of Bored Apes and Mutant Apes, destined to perform in the metaverse.
A decentralized web 3.0 could lead to more innovation and privacy controls 
When middlemen are removed, whole new business models and innovations can emerge.
Crypto and traditional art are merging — and the result is fantastic
The addition of a physical component could help crypto art go mainstream.
The future of cryptocurrency: reasons to be both optimistic and skeptical
This tech is usually framed as either the answer to all of our problems — or as a complete waste of time. The truth is probably in the middle.
What does China’s crypto ban mean for the tech world?
The ban could lead to an exodus of Chinese crypto entrepreneurs and a diffusion of crypto technology in Southeast Asia.
Bitcoin is now ‘legal tender’ in El Salvador
If more countries follow, what will this mean for consumers and businesses around the world?
This eco-toilet pays for human waste in digital currency
The BeeVi eco-toilet turns human waste into energy – and pays for the privilege.
Volcanoes to power bitcoin mining in El Salvador
Now that bitcoin is legal tender in El Salvador, the nation is working to power bitcoin mining facilities with geothermal energy harnessed from volcanoes.
Stablecoins, CBDCs, and the future of money
What role would a Fedcoin play in the evolving landscape of digital currency?
Sophia the Robot joins NFT frenzy
Sophia the robot has created digital art that will be linked to an NFT and sold — making her the latest to join the art world’s current craze.
NFTs and crypto art, explained
NFTs are creating a marketplace for digital content. It may be a huge opportunity for digital creators to sell their own work.
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The strange story of Venezuela’s failed cryptocurrency
The world’s first state-backed cryptocurrency was a revolutionary idea that could’ve saved Venezuela’s economy. Here’s what went wrong.
Can we decentralize the internet?
A decentralized internet could make the internet faster and less vulnerable to censorship.
How to spot a deepfake
Is artificial intelligence the key to knowing what’s real?
How the technology behind deepfakes can help us create a better world 
Deepfakes have ignited fierce media criticism and call into question the public’s ability to discern fact from...
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Disrupting money
Can a bitcoin entrepreneur on house arrest convince the world it’s the currency of the future?